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TopSolid 2020 (v7.14) Released


EVRY, France, Apr 30, 2020 – TOPSOLID SAS, former Missler Software, the French leader in CAD/CAM software for the industry is pleased to announce the release of the new version of TopSolid 2020 (v7.14).

TopSolid 7 is the most integrated CAD/CAM software on the market, with an intuitive interface and an integrated and transparent PDM. All its applications are fully compatible with each other and communicate associatively. TopSolid 7 covers all the needs of the market in general mechanics, tooling, machining, sheet metal processing and metalworking.




TopSolid’Design 2020

TopSolid’Design 2020 has been enriched with more than 100 new features including:

  1. A new “Work” document which allows you to prepare and execute multiple tasks (bills of materials, drafting, unfolded parts, machining programs, etc.). This concept is integrated into the kernel and common to all other applications. The “Work” document allows a significant gain in productivity when generating the technical documentation of a project.
  2. An innovative and automated mechanism to identify parts and assemblies to be produced. TopSolid 2020 calculates and assigns manufacturing and mounting indexes to each part of an assembly and maintains this information throughout the design process.
  3. A new and innovative concept of “workspace” which allows the optimization of collaborative work on large assemblies.
  4. A new standard translator to FBX format which allows you to export your projects to the main Virtual Reality (VR) software on the market.
  5. IFC import and export translators which allow you to interact efficiently with the BIM (Building Information Modeling) environment.
  6. TopSolid’Design 2020 further improves the recovery and processing of PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information) from various native formats.
  7. TopSolid’Design 2020 introduces an essential innovation: Manufacturing Features (MFs). These are entities that keep manufacturing information from the design stage. MFs are carried throughout the design cycle and up to the manufacturing stage where they allow you to automate the programming of your parts.

TopSolid’Cam 2020

TopSolid’Cam 2020 has also been enriched with more than 100 new features including:

  1. BoostMilling: a new high-performance machining algorithm wherein which the calculation of toolpaths is extremely fast and the gain in productivity is increased by a factor of up to 70%. The tools are preserved and the efforts on the machine are limited.
  2. To optimize productivity, TopSolid’Cam 2020 extends the use of the Roll-in approach.
  3. The use of Manufacturing Features  (MF) makes it possible to automate the machining of holes and pockets of parts designed with TopSolid.
  4. For 5-axis machining, TopSolid’Cam 2020 introduces a new blisk machining command and a more powerful 5-axis roughing command.
  5. TopSolid’Cam 2020 takes SwissTurn machining one step further by allowing the simulation of simultaneous operations and synchronization. The simulation supports real-time collision management and stock updates. Programming SwissTurn machines has never been so safe!




TopSolid’Mold 2020

TopSolid’Mold 2020 integrates numerous improvements to increase productivity. It is now simpler and more visual to create complex parting surfaces.

The efficiency of the cooling circuits can be visually monitored so that the risk areas can be anticipated.

TopSolid’Mold 2020 

TopSolid’Mold 2020 completely automates the electrode machining process with the help of the “Work” document. The “Work” document integrates the automatic positioning of the parts on the machine, the generation of toolpaths, as well as the generation of the ISO code and the shop floor documents.

TopSolid’Progress 2020 provides more detailed drawing layouts, automation of the machining of input points, as well as more complete and configurable drilling tables.


TOPSOLID SAS, headquartered in Evry, France, is the publisher of the TopSolid software, which provides CAD/CAM and ERP solutions for the mechanical manufacturing, tooling, wood and sheet metal work industries. With a headcount of 320, the company turned over €45 million in 2018. Every year, TOPSOLID invests some 30% of its turnover in research and development for its integrated range of software. The company was founded in 1984 and has been present on the international stage since 1997. Today, about 70% of the software is exported through a network of 60 value-added resellers all over the world. For more information, visit

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