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    ALLPLAN Updates Bimplus, Features Enhanced Project Collaboration, Clash Detection, Model Access Control

    MUNICH, Germany, May 19, 2020 – ALLPLAN, the global provider of open solutions for Building Information Modeling (BIM), presents the latest release of Allplan Bimplus with several improvements and new features. Bimplus is tailor-made for architects, engineers, fabricators, project managers, clients and whole project teams who require a data-driven, cloud-based collaboration environment. This openBIM collaboration platform underpins the BIM process, enabling efficiencies across the entire project lifecycle – from design to delivery, and even maintenance and operation.


    Project Navigation with Allplan Bimplus


    Construction projects are often delivered late, over budget, and to inadequate quality standards, usually as a result of ineffective communication, planning, and collaboration. In order to overcome these challenges, the construction industry must find ways of working that allow them to deliver safe, fit-for-purpose projects faster and with fewer resources. The reasons for these inefficiencies are broadly common across the industry. According to a survey sponsored by ALLPLAN, incomplete data from different disciplines, design changes, and problematic information exchange are highlighted as sources of poor communication. Without clear and transparent communication between all parties, the benefits of meticulous planning and collaboration cannot be realized.

    “For many years BIM has been used to improve communication and collaboration, providing a method of coordinating works for improved overall project delivery. BIM helps avoid rework by identifying clashes earlier between components and allows material usage to be optimized and waste reduced. In turn, these advantages help deliver projects quicker and more efficiently. As integrated project information, effective communication, and efficient design have become synonymous with BIM, it has become increasingly demanded by clients worldwide. Bimplus helps maximize the benefits of BIM, ensuring that any BIM implementation is successful”, says Kevin Lea, Senior Vice President Product Management, ALLPLAN.

    Feature-Rich Support for BIM

    Bimplus helps address concerns with project management, information management, change management, coordination, and collaboration, ensuring that any BIM implementation is successful. The latest release of Bimplus includes several improvements to existing features, including clash detection with custom filters, model access control with rights and roles and user management with groups. BIM workflows to ISO19650 include model discipline validity and IFC export of selected model topologies is supported, together with a customizable building topology manager. Furthermore, packaging and associated pricing has also been updated to improve customer choice, deliver optimal value and reflect the collaborative nature of the usage of Bimplus across projects large and small.


    Clash Detection with Allplan Bimplus


    Highlights of Allplan Bimplus:

    Improved Project Management

    Bimplus helps ensure that projects are organized logically, so information is easily accessible to anyone who needs it. Access rights and roles can be quickly and easily assigned so the right people can edit the right information, without affecting the transparency of the project.

    Better Information Management

    Digital projects quickly create large amounts of information that require organizing and managing in order to add value. With Bimplus, information from multiple sources and in multiple formats can be easily stored, accessed, and managed with complete document management features. Revisions of both documents and models are stored within the platform for ease of access, and information can be accessed via Bimplus from any device that has an internet connection.

    Enhanced Change Management

    Scope changes quickly erode design and construction budgets. With Bimplus, any changes can be visualized and compared before being confirmed, enabling informed decisions to be made earlier in the process. In turn, this reduces the risk of errors and discrepancies within the project and mitigates the impact of any changes.

    Superior Coordination

    Projects are rarely designed by one team or discipline in isolation. Coordinating these different inputs is essential in order to avoid errors and increased costs. Bimplus employs an approval process workflow for sharing models based on the international ISO19650 standard, so even global teams are working to the same standard of information management. The database structure used by Bimplus allows the platform to do more with the information, such as combine and visualize models, assign attributes and object information, and run clash detection checks or simulations.

    Increased Collaboration

    Collaboration between the project team should not be restricted to one software manufacturer’s format. Bimplus uses the principles of openBIM, including the industry standard IFC data exchange format, to import and export models. This allows information to be read by all the project participants irrespective of the file format used, and ensures no information is lost due to file incompatibility.


    The latest release of Allplan Bimplus is available to download for a free trial now: WWW.BIMPLUS.NET

    About ALLPLAN

    ALLPLAN is a global developer of open solutions for Building Information Modeling (BIM). For more than 50 years ALLPLAN has pioneered the digitalization of the construction industry. Always focused on the clients we provide innovative tools to design, construct and manage projects – inspiring users to realize their visions. ALLPLAN solutions are being used by over 240,000 architects, engineers, contractors and facilities managers in 20 languages. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, ALLPLAN is part of the Nemetschek Group. Around the world, over 400 dedicated employees continue to write the ALLPLAN success story. For more information, visit

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