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    ASCON Releases KOMPAS-3D V18 for Mechanical Engineers

    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, Feb 4, 2020 – ASCON Group, the leading Russian developer of high-performance CAD/AEC/PLM systems, is pleased to announce the English language release of KOMPAS-3D V18 for mechanical engineers. This computer-aided design program for professionals is distinguished by speedier processes, multiple productivity improvements, and brand-new functions.

    Highlights of the new KOMPAS-3D V18 include the following:

    New User Interface

    Toolbars have been combined into ribbon-like sets, with each set designed for specific tasks. As you switch between different types of documents, the sets change dynamically. Users can work in traditional light mode or the new dark theme (see figure 1).

    The new Quick Access Toolbar offers easy access to commands that select modes, control images, and more.

    We added more languages, so that users can run KOMPAS-3D in English, Turkish, and Korean.


    Picture___1_Figure 1: New user interface for KOMPAS-3D offering light and dark themes


    Significantly Improved 3D Modeling

    We rewrote KOMPAS-3D’s internal algorithms to improve performances. The result is that many tasks are now accelerated, such as working with three-dimensional models (see figure 2), creating and updating associative views (see figures 3 and 4), displaying the user interface and work windows, more. The updated system is now the fastest version ever of KOMPAS-3D.


    Picture___2_Figure 2: KOMPAS-3D works faster with 3D models


    Picture___4_Figures 3 and 4: Algorithmic improvements speed up associative view updates


    Users can now insert components into assemblies that are mirrored (see figure 5).


    Picture___5_Figure 5: Inserting mirrored components into an assembly

    KOMPAS-3D is better at working with sheet metal with the new functions that we added, and we improved the way that fillets are constructed.

    New Versioning Capability

    Model documents can now contain multiple versions of the same model. Data about two or more model-build options take common design features and then generate the variations with user-defined differences.

    Miscellaneous Updates

    We improved how the BOM (bills of materials) and the Add-Ons Configurator work.

    Pricing and Availability

    KOMPAS-3D V18 is available today through ASCON’s worldwide network of value-added resellers. For details and pricing, please contact your nearest reseller. To locate the one in your region, please visit

    To try out the new release, download our 30-day free trial of KOMPAS-3D V18.

    Sachin R Nalawade
    Sachin R Nalawade
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