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    AVEVA, Alizent Join to Accelerate Digital Transformation for Asset-Intensive Industries

    LONDON, UK, Mar 16, 2022 – AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software driving digital transformation and sustainability, today announced a global partnership with Alizent, a global leader in solutions enabling and accelerating the digital transformation of asset intensive industries.

    Aware of the increasing complexity that future industrial environments will require, AVEVA and Alizent combine forces to empower industries such as energy, power, water, food and beverage, and metals and mining to transform critical asset maintenance operations. The partnership will provide customers with bespoke solutions having enhanced confidentiality and cybersecurity, increased operability, and with continuous evolution over the long term. Leveraging seamless Industrial AI powered data within the cloud, users will be able to connect, automate, monitor and optimize industrial assets, processes and operations.

    Kim Custeau, Senior Vice President, APM and MES, AVEVA said, “Customers across asset-intensive industries are seeking holistic, innovative and tailor-made digital solutions that enable them to transform current business and asset-management processes to drive improved productivity and profitability. The ambition behind our partnership with Alizent is to provide unmatched levels of integrated data, AI, and augmented analytics. As a result, our customers will be able to identify new opportunities to realize their current and future digitalization goals. “

    Guaranteeing continuous operation to meet customers’ needs 24/7 while improving the performance of their production units is an everyday challenge for asset-intensive industries. To help them face this challenge, the AVEVA-Alizent partnership will provide an end-to-end asset lifecycle solution including data infrastructure, APM, and services. Consequently, key users will be able to anticipate, adapt and make the production flows of each of their units more reliable and therefore more available, while optimizing the performance of plant operations.

    For customers, the strength of this partnership lies in superior global solution deployments that can be adapted to address regional and local needs with an end-to-end approach that supports all components in their operating environments. Alizent’s industrial expertise in global asset lifecycle capabilities benefits global customers that recently achieved energy consumption optimization and improved the efficiency of energy production units. By connecting teams across projects, AVEVA and Alizent will unlock higher levels of reliability and operational flexibility while harnessing the power of AVEVA’s AI-infused market-leading Asset Performance Management portfolio to model, predict and prescribe optimal performance for each asset. Enhancing production performance, adjusting production seamlessly and improving performance throughout the entire unit lifecycle will become the new standard for asset-intensive industries using solutions from the AVEVA-Alizent partnership.  

    François Gaudré, General Manager, Alizent, said “By harnessing the knowledge of our customers’ challenges, relying on AVEVA products and with over two decades experience in the PI System’s robust data infrastructure capabilities, Alizent’s extended partnership with AVEVA takes a new dimension to provide cutting-edge digital technologies that specialize in asset lifecycle solutions and add sustainable value to the reliability and efficiency of production units.”

    About Alizent

    Alizent enables Digital Transformation for asset management, production and logistics by providing innovative and differentiating global solutions to connect assets, empowering businesses to improve decision making and boost business performance and industrial efficiency. We serve selected companies in Industrial Gases, Energy, Environment, Energy & Water, Metals & Mining and Food & Beverage industries. We design, develop, integrate and run digital products and services to connect industrial assets and automate processes, monitor assets activities and control operations from production to delivery, perform in the management of industrial assets and in the supply chain processes, and improve and optimize operations.

    A fully owned affiliate of the Air Liquide group, today we are 250+ employees and operate in 10 countries in North Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. We serve more than 300 plants, track 22 million returnable assets and monitor more than 200,000 remote assets in over 40 countries. For more details, visit

    About AVEVA

    AVEVA is a global leader in industrial software, driving digital transformation and sustainability. By connecting the power of information and artificial intelligence with human insight, AVEVA enables teams to use their data to unlock new value. We call this Performance Intelligence.  AVEVA’s comprehensive portfolio enables more than 20,000 industrial enterprises to engineer smarter, operate better and drive sustainable efficiency. AVEVA supports customers through a trusted ecosystem that includes 5,500 partners and 5,700 certified developers around the world. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with over 6,500 employees and 90 offices in over 40 countries. Learn more at

    Nitin Patil
    Nitin Patil
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