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    CAD Exchanger 3.10 Released adds 3D XML and Solid Edge Reader

    Nizhny Novgorod, Russia – July 13, 2021 – CAD Exchanger announces the release of CAD Exchanger 3.10 — a toolset for 3D CAD software developers and end-users.

    CAD Exchanger 3.10 features:

    • 3D XML (CATIA V6) import
    • Solid Edge import
    • Mesh colors import in SOLIDWORKS
    • Broader versions coverage for CATIA, JT, Parasolid, SOLIDWORKS
    • Read and write PMI options for STEP and JT
    • Universal reader and writer API
    • IL2CPP and asynchronous model loading in Unity

    3D XML (CATIA V6) import

    3D XML is a proprietary 3D file format developed and supported by Dassault Systemes typically created as an export from Dassault Systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE application (also known as CATIA V6). Since version 3.10, CAD Exchanger can read 3D XML files from schema version 4.0 to version 4.3. The scope includes part-assembly structure, polygonal geometry, names, and colors.

    Solid Edge Import in CAD Exchanger
    Solid Edge Import in CAD Exchanger

    Solid Edge import

    CAD Exchanger added support of Solid Edge files from version 17 to version 2021, including its part (*.par), assembly (*.asm), and sheet metal (*.psm) extensions. The converter enables import of B-Rep representations from part and sheet metal (PSM) files, colors, part-assembly structure, and external files. Polygonal representations and textures reading will be added in further CAD Exchanger versions.

    Mesh colors import in SOLIDWORKS

    In July 2020 CAD Exchanger 3.8.1 was released with a new feature of SOLIDWORKS meshes import. In version 3.10 mesh colors support is enabled for the full range of recent software versions. Mesh color reading improves the usability of scenarios where standalone SOLIDWORKS assemblies (*.sldasm) with missing components are converted to mesh formats.

    Broader versions coverage for CATIA, JT, Parasolid, and SOLIDWORKS

    To ensure better formats compatibility CAD Exchanger scope was extended to support more formats versions: import of CATIA V5-6, V5R18 and V5R19, Parasolid 33.0 and 33.1 (also affects JT, NX, and SOLIDWORKS formats), JT 10.5, SOLIDWORKS 2021.

    ‘Read PMI’ and ‘Write PMI’ options for STEP and JT

    When working with STEP and JT files, CAD Exchanger GUI users are now able to control reading and writing of PMI data in the corresponding sections of the settings.


    New features for CAD application developers (CAD Exchanger SDK)

    Universal reader and writer API
    Universal reader and writer API

    Universal reader and writer API

    Up till now, there was only one way to handle the processing of CAD formats in CAD Exchanger SDK: with the help of format-specific reader and writer classes, e.g. JT_Reader or ACIS_Writer. CAD Exchanger 3.10 introduces new classes, ModelData_ModelReader and ModelData_ModelWriter, which can be used as single entry points for every format supported by CAD Exchanger. The universal reader and writer determines what format the file is and performs the import or export correspondingly.

    Unity integration enhancement

    CAD Exchanger 3.10 features two changes in Unity integration: support of IL2CPP (Intermediate Language To C++) and support of asynchronous model loading.

    • IL2CPP algorithm first involves code conversion to C++ and then native binary file creation. This approach results in an increased performance compared to building a project with a Mono backend.
    • Asynchronous loading of the models is run in the background, freeing the main Unity thread capacity. As one of the results, the Unity Integration module now enables a progress bar visualization.


    All CAD Exchanger products are available for free evaluation. To get the evaluation and more details about the products, please visit https://cadexchanger.com/evaluation or contact us at info@cadexchanger.com.

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