AMC Bridge Introduces Generative Design for Legacy CAD Tech Demo


WALTHAM, MA, USA, Jun 14, 2022 – Radical new engineering software tools have emerged in recent years that allow engineers to leverage domain knowledge and computational power to speed up the end-to-end product development process. Yet to leverage these new tools, manufacturers need to access and integrate decades of CAD data, expertise, and workflows. AMC Bridge explores a solution for this challenge in the brand-new Generative Design for Legacy CAD technology demonstration.

This technology demonstration presents seamless integration between SOLIDWORKS CAD software and the ELISE low-code engineering software platform from AMC Bridge Partner ELISE GmbH. CAD models created in SOLIDWORKS are modified using ELISE generative engineering technology, which accelerates the product development process by creating powerful, repeatable workflows.

This Generative Design for Legacy CAD demonstrator shows the ability to create new features in ELISE, apply them to SOLIDWORKS models, and save the received results in the SOLIDWORKS feature tree. The resulting model behaves as a standard SOLIDWORKS parametric part.

To see the Generative Design for Legacy CAD technology demonstration in action, watch a short demo video.

If you are interested in learning more about the demonstrated technologies and how they can be utilized for your organization’s needs, please contact us to discuss the details.

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