CNC Software Acquires Mastercam’s UK Reseller 4D Engineering


TOLLAND, CT, USA, Mar 31, 2022 – CNC Software, LLC, the developers of Mastercam, announced that it has acquired Mastercam Reseller, 4D Engineering Ltd, headquartered in Cirencester, United Kingdom. 4D Engineering, Ltd is the sole Mastercam Reseller for the United Kingdom and Iceland and has served the Mastercam community since 1990.

Mastercam Corporate will now provide industry-leading support and resources for users in the United Kingdom and Iceland under the name Mastercam UK. Existing customers will still see familiar faces as existing Mastercam experts at 4D Engineering are transitioning over to the new company.

Mastercam UK will be independently and locally operated as a member of the global Mastercam Reseller network.

President and CEO of CNC Software, LLC, Meghan West shared, “This is an exciting move for us here at Mastercam because it allows us to transition existing business by 4D Engineering into our new entity and also gives us the opportunity to expand and grow, with a unique insight into our very first, owned, Resellership.”

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