Graitec Launches Advance Design Award 2022


BIÈVRES, France, Mar 22, 2022 – Graitec, as a global software editor in the Design, Structural, Fabrication, and Data Management arena, organizes an international contest dedicated to structural engineers and design offices.

The award is for the best practical use of Advance Design in Steel / Timber / Concrete design projects. This contest is open to customers who want to showcase their experience and technical knowledge through a project executed in Advance Design software. A professional jury will judge the projects. The final nominees and the winning projects will be made public to a wide audience through extensive marketing, including social media.

Award Calendar:

  •  21.3.2022 Contest launch – Project submission opens
  •  30.8.2022 Entries close – Deadline for project submission
  •  10.9.2022 Project Confirmation – Confirmation and announcement of projects accepted
  •  11.10.2022 Jury Deliberation – Selection of winners
  •  19.10.2022 Announcement of Results – Announcement of winners at the Advance Design User Summit 2022

Contest criteria:

The independent contest jury will gather in October 2022 to evaluate the projects. The judging will be done under the guidance of a dedicated Graitec Group representative. The representative is in charge of the contest. The jury will evaluate the projects considering the following criteria:

  •  The technical level of the design, detailing and/or calculations.
  •  Originality and prestige of the project.
  •  Attractiveness, detail and presentation of the project.
  •  Optimal use of software’s functionality.
  •  The “story” behind the project – difficulties overcome, innovative approaches, benefits gained, etc.


An independent and international jury composed of academics and professionals in the field will judge the submitted entries. Meet the members of our jury:

  •  Francis Guillemard – Jury Chairman / GRAITEC President of the Group and Chairman of the board / France
  •  Rawad Assaf /SIMULATE Solution Tech Specialist Director/ Lebanon
  •  Olivier Chappat / Directeur(Trice) Structure / Legendre Construction  / France
  •  Przemysław Kasza / BIM Technology Design / Poland
  •  Rodrigue Coyere / EIFFAGE CONSTRUCTION Structural design office / France
  •  Issam Geha / BIG-BEG / Lebanon
  •  Will Arnold / Institution of Structural Engineers / United Kingdom
  •  Joseph Pais / Chief Product Officer / France

For more information, please visit the Advance Design Award website –

Jiri Bendl, GRAITEC, Vice President SIMULATE, comments: “Through the Advance Design Award organizations we want to reward our customers for being members of the ever-growing SIMULATE community and we want to encourage students to use the best possible tools for structural analysis. It is a great pleasure for me to be part of this project!”


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