INSYDIUM Fused Update Released


ENGLAND, UK, Mar 30, 2022 – The British simulation specialists INSYDIUM Ltd. pleased to announce that, INSYDIUM Fused Update is now available to all users with a subscription, everyone who buys a new license, and existing customers within their Maintenance Period.

This Update includes a brand-new addition to the Fused Collection, Taiao. A procedural plant animation system used to generate trees, flowers, grasses and custom objects.

Taiao enables you to replicate the beauty of nature. Create different species of trees, colonize landscapes and bring your animations to life with forces to add natural motion to your creations. Recreating nature is easy with Taiao.

We’ve also introduced new features into TerraformFX. tfPath and tfRoad add custom splines into your terrains to generate paths, then create procedural roads on those paths with a built-in cloning tool for added realism. In addition, MeshTools has updates to mtInset and new features such as mtRemesh, which remeshes the input geometry into a Delaunay triangulation-based mesh surface. We’ve also made bug fixes that will increase performance and stability throughout INSYDIUM Fused.

To see the complete feature list and new feature explainers, visit What’s New.

How to access this Update?

If you have a Subscription or are in your Maintenance Period, you’ll receive this Update automatically, as long as you have enabled your Online Updater. Alternatively, you can download the latest Update from your Customer Account.

If your license is in its Reactivation or Last Chance Period, visit our shop to buy a new Fused Maintenance Agreement. Once you purchase, you can download our latest Release Update via your Customer Account.

If you need more help, visit our Support section, where you’ll find our INSYDIUM Video Manuals for all our Fused elements.

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