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    Cadence NUMECA Releases OMNIS 5.1 for Multiphysics Simulation, Design, Optimization

    BRUSSELS, Belgium, Jun 25, 2021 – Cadence NUMECA is delighted to announce the official release of OMNIS 5.1 for flow and multiphysics simulation, design and optimization.




    The newest version of the Omnis simulation environment brings a new discrete particle solver, a surface-to-volume mesh module and more than 100 other new features that will simplify your workflows, boost your productivity and extend the scope of your simulations.

    Omnis/Hexpress – Surface to volume meshing approach

    Omnis/Hexpress extends its unstructured mesh generation tool set with the surface-to-volume module.
    The surface-to-volume module allows generating 3D grids with high-quality surface meshes, aligned with the geometry and with smooth and thickness-controlled viscous layers when the geometry is clean and conformal.




    Omnis/Autogrid – Meridional effects with autoblocking (beta)

    Omnis/AutoGrid can now generate multi-block structured meshes of axisymmetric meridional effects (e.g. seal leakage, bleed or cavities) connected to the channel of the turbomachinery configuration.




    Omnis/Turbo – Coarse grid simulation

    The Omnis/Turbo simulation can run on a coarser grid level with the same mesh and simulation setup. This feature allows to quickly assess the correct setup of the simulation and preview its results before a final accurate run on the finest grid level.




    Omnis/Open (DBS and PBS) – Surface-to-surface radiation

    The surface-to-surface (S2S) radiation model has been introduced in the Omnis™/Open density-based and coupled pressure-based solvers to account for the radiation exchange in an enclosure of grey-diffuse surfaces.




    Omnis/Oofelie – Advanced thermomechanical analysis for turbomachinery

    Our commitment to providing more advanced solutions for turbomachinery designers continues with Omnis/Oofelie. The results of static runs can be used for calculating natural frequencies and mode shapes of mechanical parts. Other important new features include also the computation of complex mode shapes due to the presence of Coriolis effects and wet mode shapes, for machines with a high-density operating fluid.




    Omnis/Mpacts – Particles motion and interaction (beta)

    The new Omnis/Mpacts solver allows the simulation of particle collisions for a variety of industrial applications such as conveyor belts, hoppers and mixers.

    Omnis/Mpacts combines the power of the advanced Discrete Element Method (DEM) solver Mpacts with the user-friendly Omnis™ interface and all its capabilities from the pre-processing to co/post-processing in one workflow.




    Omnis/Post – Display streamlines

    Users can now display streamlines to trace the flow velocity, from a point, line, plane, or sphere with interactive controls in Omnis/Post.




    About Cadence CFD | NUMECA International

    NUMECA International is a leading developer and provider of Grid Generation, Multi-physics and CFD software systems for analysis and design of industrial products and processes, with an emphasis towards domains of turbomachinery, marine, aeronautics, aerospace, energy, chemical processes and multi-physics. NUMECA offers an extended suite of software systems covering a broad range of applications for both internal and external flows, including fluid-structure, fluid thermal, aero-acoustic interactions.

    NUMECA was founded by Prof. Charles Hirsch in 1993, as a spin-off of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Since then, the company has grown and expanded worldwide.

    In February 2021 NUMECA joined Cadence Design Systems Inc to significantly expand their multi-physics simulation portfolio with the addition of proven CFD technology for the aerospace, automotive, industrial and marine industries.

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