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    CIMdata Adds Digital Skills Transformation Program

    ANN ARBOR, MI, USA, Apr 29, 2020 – CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic management consulting and research firm, announces the addition of a Digital Skills Transformation program. These strategic services focus on leading an organization through the assessment, definition, implementation, and continuous improvement of the digital skills of its employees. Using a highly collaborative process, CIMdata works with its clients to form a lasting structure for training, education, and skill enhancement.

    According to CIMdata’s President & CEO, Mr. Peter Bilello, “A well-defined Digital Skills Transformation program is multi-faceted, and typically includes organizational, process, technology, and content considerations. The resulting education and training framework, implementation, and support structure typically cover several different organizational processes and supporting technology platforms, as well as incorporating different experience and skill levels into one repeatable standard applicable throughout an enterprise, no matter its size or complexity.” He continued, “With such a structure in place, the enterprise is in a better position to proactively handle growth, reduce employee turnover, and successfully deal with technological and process changes encountered in today’s rapidly evolving digital world.”

    CIMdata’s Digital Skills Transformation methodology follows a comprehensive set of proven principles—each representing a critical component needed to maximize the organization’s return on talent investment. The top five guiding principles of a well-defined and executed digital skills transformation are as follows:

    1. The program must be aligned with the organization’s overall strategic goals.
    2. The enterprise’s overall digital skills framework should result in a positive return on investment.
    3. The program should ensure that learning is aligned with and directly supported by organizational structures, lines of authority, decision-making, values, and other appropriate business practices.
    4. The program should incorporate different platforms and utilize them to reinforce outcomes and ensure that people get the right skills at the right time, in the right way, and at the right cost.
    5. The program must demonstrate integrated learning achieved not only by doing but by establishing shared accountability.

    CIMdata’s Digital Skills Transformation services leverage the company’s more than 35 years of experience serving industrial companies, and software and service providers through strategic management consulting, market research and analysis, and best practices education. For more information, visit or contact CIMdata at or +1 734.668.9922.

    Sachin R Nalawade
    Sachin R Nalawade
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