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    CIMdata Announces its 2023 PLM Market & Industry Forum Series

    ANN ARBOR, MI, USA, Nov 21, 2022 – CIMdata, Inc., the leading global Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) consulting and research firm, announces the schedule and theme for its 2023 PLM Market & Industry Forum.

    The theme for 2023 is “The Digital Thread: Powering Business Transformation.” In this industry-leading Forum designed exclusively for PLM software and service providers, CIMdata will frame the topic of the digital thread and discuss the issues faced by industrial users so that members of the PLM Economy are best able respond to new and evolving requirements.

    Drawing on the findings from primary research conducted by CIMdata on behalf of the Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group and key PLM solution providers in late 2022 and early 2023, we will seek to answer the following questions:

    • How are PLM software and service providers responding to the requirements?
    • How well are industrial users achieving their digital thread objectives?

    For 2023, we will host five Forums. The first will occur in Ann Arbor, MI, USA, as a one-day, in-person event at the end of March. This will be followed in early April by a one-day, in-person event for the EMEA region, which will take place in Frankfurt, Germany. We will then host three virtual-live events focusing on the PLM Economy in India, China, and Japan.

    We will cover the following topics:

    • The current state of PLM – market and leading trends
    • PLM global market analysis for the 2022 calendar year
    • The promise of the digital thread
    • The digital thread from the perspective of industrial companies
    • The digital thread from the perspective of the PLM Economy

    As a leading provider of research on the PLM Economy, CIMdata continually investigates topics of interest to this group. For 2023, the Forum will offer the opportunity to learn more about the following areas of interest:

    • Green Energy
    • Data Governance

    According to Stan Przybylinski, CIMdata’s Vice President, “The notion of the digital thread has been around since almost the inception of the concept of product lifecycle management (PLM). But supporting linkages with a large, heterogeneous information technology landscape was always challenging and did not always achieve the desired results. But today’s solutions, architected and defined to support international and de facto standards are proving more up to that challenge.”

    Presentation topics are consistent throughout the Forum series, with slight variations in each geography to account for regional trends. For more information on our agenda, please visit

    Forum participants will gain a solid understanding of the current and emerging PLM market, its dynamics, and the expectations for its continued evolution. Attendees will also learn more about opportunities and approaches for navigating the PLM Economy in the coming year. To learn more or register for a 2023 PLM Market & Industry Forum, please go to

    Nitin Patil
    Nitin Patil
    Editor and Director of Content, Nitin completed his Master's in Mass Communication & Journalism and having 13 years of work experience as an editor, content writer with renowned international technical magazines and media companies. He is associated with CAD,CAM industry since 2008.

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