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    CIMdata Publishes eBook ‘Autonomous Vehicle Development Requires Closed Loop Solutions’

    ANN ARBOR, MI, USA, Jul 23, 2021 – CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic management consulting and research firm, announces the publication of a new eBook, Autonomous Vehicle Development Requires Closed Loop Solutions. The eBook describes why automakers, their supplier network, and city operations need to expand systems integration to make autonomous vehicles a reality. Autonomous Vehicles require multiple systems working together well beyond an individual vehicle. It discusses how Siemens Digital Industries Software (Siemens), a proven provider for the automotive industry, enables a highly integrated model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach that comprehends transportation systems development and operations.




    The challenges facing many of today’s leading automotive companies are no longer solvable with yesterday’s solutions or by throwing more people at them. Siemens’ Autonomous Vehicle Development platform is an integrated MBSE-enabling solution designed to keep teams integrated from start to finish while improving decision-making across many enterprises, from automakers to cities. This comprehensive solution relies on three domains that enable connectedness, performance engineering across the lifecycle, and a system of systems framework enabling continuous development.

    According to Mr. Craig Brown, CIMdata Executive Consultant with over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, “Today’s automakers will need collaboration platforms which allow simultaneous development and use of sensors and intelligence from trusted sources beyond an individual vehicle. For them to survive and thrive, a fully integrated solution spanning multiple enterprises (vehicles, the cityscape, and other infrastructure) is required, which fosters adaptability during operations—taking advantage of new traffic and congestion intelligence immediately when discovered. Building on their MBSE solutions, Siemens is now poised to make autonomous vehicles a reality sooner—one that starts integrated and stays integrated well beyond a single vehicle’s development and manufacturing.”

    Please download and read the complete eBook at

    Sachin R Nalawade
    Sachin R Nalawade
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