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    Gstarsoft Releases GstarCAD 2022 Beta

    SUZHOU, China, Sep 24, 2021 – Gstarsoft is pleased to announce the release of GstarCAD 2022 Beta. Some key enhancements have been made around plotting, PDF files, raster images and so on to help create a better user experience. The new release also comes with new features and tools to boost productivity.




    Enhanced PDFs

    Nowadays, PDF files have been increasingly important and relevant. And we have updated the PDF plot driver to make GstarCAD 2022 easy-to-use and versatile enough to meet various needs to handle PDFs.

    Smallest Size

    When plotting a raster image to a PDF file, you get the smallest file size without compromising the quality or changing your workflow.



    Highest Quality

    The Truetype fonts in MText and Text in the output PDF file come out very clear and clean and are searchable.




    Third-party programs and tools can easily recognize the information contained in the PDF files and hyperlinks are retained and remain clickable.




    Plot with Transparency

    The transparent effects in GstarCAD 2022 help enhance drawings in a variety of ways, for example, by making a hatch transparent you are able to show objects that may otherwise hidden below the hatch.


    transparency003jfd (1)


    Hidden Shade Plot

    Users can create vector-based images that can be scaled up without losing clarity.


    2021-09-01 14_49_14-


    Smart Dimensioning

    Dimensions are designed to communicate the size and specifications of data in a project. To help users use correct dimensions, GstarCAD 2022 offers various dimensioning tools and commands including DIMREASSOCIATE, DIMCENTER, Stretch Dimension Group, DIMLAYER, DIMREGEN, etc.


    A new option POLYGON has been added to DIMCENTER command so that users can snap to the centroid of a closed polygon.


    2021-09-01 11_31_39-


    Stretch Dimension Group

    A group of dimensions sharing a common grip can be stretched together.


    2021-09-01 11_34_30-


    Explore More

    In addition to what have showcased above, there are other useful improvements and new features that deal with raster image, layer, group, selection, block, etc.

    Raster Image- — More formats & High Quality

    GstarCAD 2022 supports more image file formats, including the most common formats used in major technical imaging programs: computer graphics, engineering, mapping and GIS.

    The raster images are clearer, more accurate and detailed with better brightness, visual contrast and fade effect.

    Groups Panel

    The Groups Panel has been added to GstarCAD 2022 together with commands that control group behaviors such as GROUPEDIT.


    FASTSEL (Fast Selection)

    The FASTSEL command creates a selection set of an existing object and all the objects it touch.

    To download GstarCAD 2022 beta version, visit

    About Gstarsoft

    Founded in 1992, with more than 25 years of experience in CAD business, Gstarsoft has gained a large number of users and global partners through quality products and premium service. The worldwide distribution networks cover over 50 countries and most partners have more than 10 years of cooperation with Gstarsoft. With 4 R&D centers and over 150 software development professionals, Gstarsoft keeps devoting to streamlining the design procedures and revolutionizing the design industry by providing more innovative CAD solutions with new technologies in the fast-changing market. For more information, visit

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