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    GTXRaster CAD 2021 Series Add-ons Compatible with ZWCAD 2021

    GUANGZHOU, China, Feb 23, 2021 – The latest GTXRaster CAD 2021 Series add-ons have been fully ported to ZWCAD, a DWG-compatible CAD platform. This popular solution allows engineers and designers to make productive use of the GTX raster editing and raster to vector conversion tools all in a familiar CAD environment.

    Consisting of two product modules — GTXRaster CAD and GTXRaster CAD PLUS, the GTXRaster CAD 2021 Series are developed by GTX Europe, Ltd., the founding developer of raster editing and conversion software. The GTX intelligent paper-to-CAD solutions® have become indispensable for thousands of users worldwide who work with scanned paper drawings.


    The GTXRaster CAD 2021 Series add-ons have been fully ported to ZWCAD 2021
    Figure 1. GTXRaster CAD 2021 Series add-ons have been fully ported to ZWCAD 2021


    Efficient Raster Conversion

    Automatic raster-to-vector conversion is nothing new. But high speed and great accuracy are hard to come by. Thanks to the GTXRaster CAD 2021 Series, ZWCAD users can convert raster objects into rectified and accurate CAD entities, such as lines, arcs, circles, and polylines. Besides, characters associated with individual or company drafting styles can be recognized for you to edit them as true texts in ZWCAD. And since this add-on can recognize line styles, splines, cross-hatching, arrowheads, and set a gap jump variable, the conversion is guaranteed to be remarkably precise.


    Raster-to-vector conversion with GTXRaster CAD 2021 Series in ZWCAD 2021
    Figure 2. Raster-to-vector conversion with GTXRaster CAD 2021 Series in ZWCAD 2021


    Quickly Enhance, Clean, and Edit Images

    Either using the automatic image cleanup tools, or manually deskewing, despeckling, and cropping, you can easily clean up the scanned raster image, even when it is blurred and noisy. Also, before drawing vectors tracing over the image in ZWCAD, you can erase any part of the image, with raster erase and raster outline.

    Moreover, with the state-of-the-art raster and hybrid editing features available, you are free to edit and save the raster data using over 20 powerful raster manipulation commands. When you finish designing, you can continue to plot the drawing in various file formats (.tif/.pdf/.cal/.cg4, etc.), or even as hybrid files.

    Bring Legacy Paper to CAD at a Reasonable Price

    “We are excited to release our flagship GTXRaster CAD Series products on the ZWCAD platform, providing our solutions to more customers and dealers worldwide at a very competitive price point,” stated Mr. Andrew Ling, President and CEO of GTX Europe, Ltd. Indeed, these solutions offer users full DWG compatibility, 2D and 3D CAD features, an intuitive user interface, including the Light and Dark customized GTX Ribbons, and so much more.


    New and updated GTX icons and Ribbons in ZWCAD 2021
    Figure 3. New and updated GTX icons and Ribbons in ZWCAD 2021


    All in all, if your work involves scanned paper drawings, either black and white or color, then you must not miss out on the efficient and budget-friendly “GTXRaster CAD 2021 Series + ZWCAD 2021” combination.

    About ZWSOFT

    ZWSOFT CO., LTD. (Guangzhou) is a reliable and innovative engineering software provider with its flagship products ZWCAD and ZW3D. Committed to providing complete and seamless user experience to worldwide users with its all-in-one CAx solutions, ZWSOFT has continuously satisfied diverse needs of various industries such as AEC and MFG. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, its products and service have been proven by over 900,000 clients across 90 countries. For more information, visit

    About GTX Europe, Ltd.

    GTX Europe, Ltd. (Fareham, Hampshire, U.K.) is celebrating over thirty-five years in business this year having been founded in 1984 by Dr. Marvin T. Ling to develop a complete integrated system for interfacing paper technical drawings with CAD-EDM-GIS environments. beginning with the introduction in 1987 of products for the scanning and conversion of paper and aperture card drawings, the company has been recognized for its ability to incorporate the latest developments in artificial intelligence and neural network technology to keep its products at the forefront of data recognition and conversion solutions. the GTXRaster CAD and GTXImage CAD series of products provide state-of-the-art raster editing and automatic raster to cad conversion.

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