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    Hexagon Launches Smart Factory Solutions at IMTEX 2020 for the region.

    An interview with Syam Sunder, Vice President- Engineering Convergence, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Division, India

    What is the Smart Factory of the future from your perspective?

    The vision of Hexagon is to empower everyone to move towards an autonomous future. It could be autonomy leading to smarter manufacturing, smarter mobility, smarter cities, and even smarter nations. Our Smart Factory solutions cut across design, production, quality, analytics, and AI, all the way to Enterprise Integration.

    When we talk about Industry 4.0, the first thing that comes to mind is the machines and their functionality. How do they connect, how many are utilized versus how much capacity is idle, are we spending too much time setting up those machines rather than having them continuously in production, are your machine breaking down too often, etc.? Smart Factory of the future is not only about the machines, but more so about the data behind it which makes it smarter. This data provides you very high levels of insight- which in turn gives your business more flexibility, productivity, efficiency to operate sustainably.

    It looks like you have a massive presence at IMTEX 2020? What will we get to see at IMTEX from Hexagon this year?

    This year IMTEX is unique for us as we are going to showcase an end-to-end story of how Hexagon technologies integrate from concept, design, and engineering to the final production and quality. You will get to see our smart factory concept in action end to end. So, it’s very exciting, indeed.

    At IMTEX, we have three booths. Our main booth is the Hexagon Smart Factory booth where all this technology is brought together. You will get to see how to reverse engineer a sample product, how to scan part of a concept into a potential model, do the complete analysis, manufacturing and quality process all using Hexagon technologies.

    We are setting up the whole experience to show that you can invest in things to get a significant ROI. You don’t need to be a big player today or need to spend crores of Rupees to make Smart Factory happen. It is about leveraging your existing infrastructure. We are also going to showcase how enterprise integration works within our Smart Factory framework.

    Our other two booths are for Hexagon Production Software, where machining and scheduling technologies will be showcased. And at our MSC Software booth, where we will showcase Forming and Additive Manufacturing technologies, our latest and leading simulation software for the manufacturing industry.

    How do people see and experience the Hexagon Smart Factory in the region?

    That’s a great question. As a potential customer investing or already invested in manufacturing, you need to know if these solutions are just talk or can become a reality in your business context. We have previously announced our tie-up with IITD-AIA Foundation for Smart Manufacturing to support Indian SME adoption. A new demonstration facility in Northern India will help manufacturers prototype digital tools and automation to grow their business ecosystems. We will be developing and setting up centers across India so that customers can assess these and see for themselves and test out ideas. Whether it is for manufacturing, sheet metal or other processes, companies can actually test and realize what is possible and then adopt that technology.

    At these centers, we are going to showcase how to integrate a variety of machines from different manufacturers that engage and work on Industry 4.0 standards. Most of the investment in India on this front are regular Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and automation, but not an open automation approach that is the foundation for a Smart Factory. We will primarily engage in addressing the customers’ end to end challenges so we can have specific solutions for them to help them ramp up to their vision within their go-to-market approach.

    About Syam Sunder:

    Syam Sunder is the Vice President – Engineering Convergence of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence division, India. ​Syam has a background in the Design and Manufacturing industry, Product Development in CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM, solution-oriented engagements that have helped many regional and global customers, as well as building and managing strong and motivated teams.

    He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Finite Element Methods and Geometry algorithms, and now uses his experience to champion synergetic solutions to the Design and Manufacturing industry that fully showcases the strengths and the significant value that Hexagon can add to these organizations.

    Sachin R Nalawade
    Sachin R Nalawade
    Founder and Editor DailyCADCAM. A highly-driven astute professional and avid marketer; equipped with a solid foundation in Academia; Manufacturing, CAD, CAM, CAE industry and Implementing Marketing Initiatives for Global Brands (All Design Software and Hardware Vendors).

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