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    MagiCAD 2023 Released for AutoCAD, Revit

    TURKU, Finland, Jun 13, 2022 – MagiCAD Group releases MagiCAD 2023 with new intelligent tools for MEP design in Revit and AutoCAD. MagiCAD 2023 deliveries have now started. The new version introduces a host of new intelligent tools for MEP design. 

    MagiCAD 2023 for Revit and AutoCAD takes another step forward in the intelligent use of data for innovative MEP design functionalities that help improve the speed, efficiency and quality of design work.

    MagiCAD 2023 for Revit enables ventilation designers to perform calculations across multiple model files with a new connection nodes between models function. This helps ventilation design in large-scale projects where a building has been divided into separate model files for different sections. The new version also advances the use of data in MEP design with an intelligent tool for space-based selection and installation of air terminals. Electrical designers will benefit from a whole new level of detail in cable planning with the possibility to evaluate cable tray filling ratios and preview and edit the cable layout in them.

    MagiCAD 2023 for AutoCAD introduces new functionalities across all MEP disciplines for effective and high-quality design work. The addition of thermostatic mixing valves enables the design of complete and detailed domestic water systems from the boiler to the last showerhead and the possibility to create custom manholes allows designers to accommodate complex drainage networks. Electrical design has also been made easier with the possibility to create automatic circuit schematic drawings based on switchboard schematics.

    MagiCAD 2023 for Revit – New features:

    • Connection nodes between models
    • Space-based selection and installation of air terminals
    • Riser creation tool
    • Define selection areas for Bill of Materials
    • Access full MagiCAD Cloud product information directly from MagiCAD
    • Line alignment tool for schematic drawings
    • Support for Venturi valves
    • Use custom technical values for manifolds
    • Maintain wire connections to 2D symbols when using Symbol Organiser or Find and Replace
    • Evaluate cable tray filling ratios and cable layouts
    • Batch installation of supports and hangers
    • Support for Italian language

    For more details on these and other new functions, click here.

    MagiCAD 2023 for AutoCAD – New features:

    • Access full MagiCAD Cloud product information directly from MagiCAD
    • Use offset for aligned cable routes
    • Create detailed material lists with new bend types
    • Create automatic circuit schematic drawings based on switchboard schematics
    • Add pressure measuring units to ventilation systems
    • Thermostatic mixing valves for domestic water systems
    • Create generic manholes for drainage systems
    • Edit text objects with Change Properties

    Click here for more details on these and other new functions

    About MagiCAD

    MagiCAD enables MEP design using the world’s largest product model database, featuring over 1,000,000 actual products and product variants from 300 leading manufacturers across the world. Each model within the database comes complete with accurate dimensions and comprehensive technical data. MagiCAD offers localization for different country-specific standards, and it is used by contractors and designers in projects in over 80 countries across the world.

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    Nitin Patil
    Nitin Patil
    Editor and Director of Content, Nitin completed his Master's in Mass Communication & Journalism and having 13 years of work experience as an editor, content writer with renowned international technical magazines and media companies. He is associated with CAD,CAM industry since 2008.

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