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    Nanosoft Releases nanoCAD 3DScan v2.0

    MOSCOW, Russia, Jan 26, 2021 – Nanosoft, the developer of DWG-compatible CAD systems, is pleased to announce that the highly anticipated 2.0 version of the nanoCAD 3DScan is finally here! Alongside updated icons and fixations we’ve added new commands and features for a better and effective performance.




    The nanoCAD 3DScan 2.0 is now based on the nanoCAD Plus version 20.1 which means that it automatically receives all of its features.

    The nanoCAD 3DScan 2.0 became even more precise with the recognition process with which you can now easily exclude points such as noise or man-made objects.

    The classification of points (vegetation) command got significantly enhanced and the procedure can now be used not only to classify vegetation, but to classify any objects by height from the ground surface: low constructions, high-rise buildings, power lines, pipes, etc.

    The command Create TIN got new options that allow you to select particular point classes for creation of triangulation mesh based on them. The options are similar to the Classification of ground command.

    Previous clouds with the coordinate system WGS84 were importing with distortion. The new version provides the possibility to import point clouds from LAS format with WGS84 coordinate system.

    Classification by Class is a brand new command which can handily change the class for visible points only by using the Cut and Section commands.

    The Compare Point Clouds command now colors the cloud according to the normal direction when comparing a cloud with triangulation ground surface. This allows to easily determining the position of points relative to the mesh. In addition, the coloring of clouds when resetting the clip after comparing their trimmed parts was fixed.

    Overview of new commands and improvements of nanoCAD 3DScan 2.0:

    1. automatic recognition of ground surface has been significantly improved
    2. possibility to classify vegetation and objects at a given distance from the ground (or any other surface);
    3. filtration Based on Source Classes in the “Create TIN” Command
    4. support of WGS84 coordinate system;
    5. new command Classification by Class added;
    6. Compare Point Clouds command updated;

    A detailed description of all the changes and updates can be found in the What’s New section. The 30-day trial version can be downloaded from our Web site. nanoCAD 3DScan 2.0 can be purchased online, visit market.nanocad.com.

    About Nanosoft

    Nanosoft is a community of CAD professionals who have been working in the CAD software industry since the 1980s. We are focused on creating high-quality, cost-effective software solutions for the CAD industry. One of our most important goals is to provide our customers the ideal vehicle for upgrading from unlicensed (pirated) CAD software to legitimate software. For more information, visit https://nanocad.com.

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