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    NAPA Launches NAPA Viewer to Enhance 3D Ship Design Process

    HELSINKI, Finland, Jul 5, 2021 – NAPA, the leading maritime software, services and data analysis provider, has announced the launch of NAPA Viewer – its new collaborative web application. The platform will provide users throughout the ship design process, such as class societies, ship owners and shipyards, with visibility of the most current 3D ship model via a browser, and the ability to directly comment on the model. NAPA Viewer will also enable users to request and show metadata and view measurements and section generation.


    NAPA-Viewer-1NAPA Viewer enables streaming of any NAPA 3D model


    NAPA Viewer offers a cost-effective and straightforward solution for enabling vital communication between key stakeholders involved in the design process. The streaming technology allows the main user to share a 3D NAPA ship model, created with NAPA Naval Architecture and NAPA Steel, directly from their server to multiple other parties via an internet browser. The application accurately showcases the model while restricting access to sensitive information, such as geometry, to ensure shipyards are still able to maintain commercial integrity.

    The implementation of NAPA Viewer will not only promote the use of 3DMBA but also contribute to the wider digitalization of the maritime industry by increasing collaboration via 3D models. This will accelerate the design process, enabling designers to iterate faster, adjust more quickly to changes in the design requirements, and potentially even implement real-life performance data from other vessels.

    Tapio Hulkkonen, Director, Product Management, Design Solutions at NAPA, said: “We are extremely proud to announce the launch of NAPA Viewer and introduce our users to a platform that will make it easier to communicate and collaborate in real-time. Through providing multiple stakeholders with access to NAPA Viewer, without having to download additional software, we are bringing an affordable and accessible solution to market that will streamline the ship design process for all involved. With over 90% of newbuilds in the global fleet built by NAPA’s customers, we believe NAPA Viewer will support the evolution and efficiency of ship design in this busy period.”

    The main features of NAPA Viewer include an arrangement tree for controlling the visibility of objects, 2D section views, commenting with attachment potential in annotations in 3D view, measuring tools and 3D clipping.

    About NAPA

    In its over 30 years of operation, NAPA has become a global leader in developing and scaling software, services and data analysis for a safer, smarter, and more sustainable maritime industry.

    NAPA operates globally, with 190 employees in ten countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. To date, NAPA has 420 user organizations for its design solutions, nearly 3,000 installations onboard vessels and a growing number of subscribers for its cloud-based fleet services. For more information, visit https://www.napa.fi.

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