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    Nistec to Sell Siemens’ PCBflow Simulation Tool in Israel

    TEL AVIV, Israel, Apr 13, 2022 – Siemens Digital Industries and Nistec announced that they have signed an agreement for distribution in Israel of Siemens’ PCBflow simulation tool. The unique agreement, signed at the Siemens offices in Israel, will be performed between Nistec and the Siemens Verification Division (Siemens DISW), which provides simulation tools for electronic circuits. This division is comprised of the Israeli company Valor, which was sold to Mentor Graphics and acquired in 2016 by Siemens Global for $4.5 billion. Valor, which was integrated into Siemens, provides software solutions for the three development stages of electronic circuits, from the design stage to the manufacturing and assembly stages.

    From L to R: Arbel Nissan, CMO of Nistec Design, Evgeny Makhline, CTO of Nistec Design, Oren Manor, Director of Business Development at Siemens Digital Industries Software, Ofer Lavi Ben-David, PCBflow Product Director, Tal Zur, Chief Architect at Siemens Digital Industries Software

    The new simulation tool, called PCBflow, operates in a cloud environment, making it possible to run thousands of rules to test the electronic circuit files before production. The customer receives a graphic report that specifies the design errors and the recommendations to repair the circuit. Siemens says that this will prevent production of a defective electronic circuit, making it possible to reduce development iterations and bring the electronic product to market faster.

    The key advantage offered by the tool is the wide range of tests it includes, along with the speed of testing, which is performed in a single minute. Another ability offered by the tool is adaptation of the testing simulation to the process capabilities of the facility that will manufacture the specific circuit. Through this method, circuit manufacturing facilities worldwide will define their process capabilities in the system; and the end user will be able to select the production facility they are interested in working with and run the testing simulation of their circuit according to the production facility they have selected. This shortens time to production because, already in the design stage, the user receives information on the compatibility of the process capabilities of the circuit production facility.

    Nistec is the world’s first Siemens representative for distribution of the new tool. This marks the first time that Nistec is expanding its services and entering into the field of representation for the sale of another company’s services alongside its current services in the field of design, manufacture and assembly of electronic products at is factories in Israel.

    “We are delighted that Siemens-Valor has selected us, and we thank them for their trust,” said Arbel Nissan, CEO of Nistec Design, “Valor has an outstanding reputation and has been a global leader in simulation for electronic circuit design industry for many years. Having partnered with Valor on the development of the system and its adaptation for the production floor, we are convinced that the new simulation tool will help numerous companies get the electronic circuit to market faster and at higher quality.”

    Dan Hoz, Valor General Manager at Siemens Digital Industries, added: “We are delighted that Nistec Design is now our distributor in Israel. As one of the largest Israeli design bureaus and a leading player in the PCB arena, Nistec is an ideal partner to promote PCBflow to the local market, leveraging their experience and knowledge to implement advanced solutions. We’re excited that Nistec is also our first Israeli customer for PCBflow, having purchased it to offer DFM as a service to other designers. We are convinced that together we will successfully drive uptake of PCBflow in the local design community.”

    About Nistec

    Nistec is a leading provider of electronic manufacturing services for high-tech companies. Founded in 1985, the Nistec Corporation provides a full service from design to the end product including design, manufacture and assembly services. With its 900 employees, Nistec turn the dream into reality for a broad range of companies with regard to communication, medical, military, security, industrial, vehicle and more. For more information, visit

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    Nitin Patil
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