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    NUMECA Releases FINE/Turbo, FINE/Design3D, FINE/Agile v14.2 for CFD

    BRUSSELS, Belgium, Mar 2, 2020 – NUMECA is delighted to announce the official release of FINE/Turbo, FINE/Design3D and FINE/Agile version 14.2. FINE/Turbo is a flow integrated environment for rotating and non-rotating flow analysis in external and internal turbomachinery applications. FINE/Design3D is an integrated environment for the design and optimization of turbomachinery channels and blades whereas FINE/Agile is the product of a strong partnership between NUMECA Int and CONCEPTS NREC, bringing together the best-in-class preliminary turbomachinery design tools and the fastest and most accurate CFD suite as recognized by the worldwide turbomachinery community.




    FINE/Turbo – Broaden your range of compatibility

    Two new features have been added to the Nonlinear Harmonic method (NLH):

    1. A new development allows the deformation of the periodic boundaries of a domain for a fluid-structure interaction simulation. This new feature brings critical advantages when a labyrinth seal or a blisk is taken into account in the model.
    2. Explicit Algebraic Reynolds-Stress turbulence models (EARSM) are now supported with the NLH method.


    Pressure fluctuationsPressure fluctuations NASA HECC compressor, SSC-EARSM model


    Custom thermodynamic table data can be generated with the new version of NIST Reference Fluid Thermodynamic and Transport Properties Database (REFPROP).

    REFPROP 10 is integrated into NUMECA’s tables generator TabGen: the benefits of this new version are:

    1. the availability of 147 pure fluids
    2. support for mixtures with up to 20 components
    3. new equations of state for some fluids

    FINE/Agile: Latest models and tools for an effective design

    FINE/Agile now includes the latest release from Concepts NREC (version 8.8), with numerous improvements and fixes for a better preliminary and detailed design.

    Aungier’s model, as well as a new intelligent wizard, make the design in PUMPAL and COMPAL easier and more exhaustive.

    Mixed-flow designs created in Axial can be transferred to AxCent with the relevant blade parametrization.

    The detailed design of turbomachinery in AxCent is faster, with user-defined equations for dependent geometric variables, and the fully automated analysis of a secondary flow path (casing treatments, backface, etc.).

    FINE/Design3D: Minamo power for Robust Design Optimization

    The search for the optimal design in a Robust Design Optimization can be performed with the optimization kernel MINAMO: the advantage of performing such optimization is the possibility of finding a robust optimum, less sensitive to operational or geometrical uncertainties.


    150Left: base geometry – Right: optimized geometry
    The efficiency of the new model is 1.8% higher and 28% less dispersed


    About NUMECA International

    NUMECA International is a leading developer and provider of Grid Generation, Multi-physics – CFD software systems for analysis, design, and optimization of industrial products and processes, with an emphasis in the domains of turbomachinery, marine, aeronautics, aerospace, energy, chemical processes and multi-physics. NUMECA offers an extended suite of software systems covering a broad range of applications for both internal and external flows, including fluid-structure, fluid thermal, aero-acoustic interactions.

    Driven by creativity, innovation & quality, we proudly turn our passion into innovative software toolsets that support the world’s leading industries. For more information, visit

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