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    PROSTEP Releases OpenDXM GlobalX Data Exchange Platform v9.2

    DARMSTADT, Germany, Mar 4, 2021 – PROSTEP, a PLM consulting and software company, presents the new version 9.2 of the world’s leading data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX. It offers extensive functions for integrated and automated data processing, which makes it even easier for users and system administrators to use. One of the new features is a CAD client that makes it possible for users to send complete CAD assemblies from Windows Explorer.



    OpenDXM GlobalX is not only a user-friendly portal solution for secure data exchange; it can also be integrated very easily in data processing processes. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for users to send and receive data and documents. To do this, they must be able to initiate transfers from their familiar working environment. This is why PROSTEP provides additional client applications for creating transfer operations. For example, there is a new CAD client that makes it possible for users to select the CAD data they want to send in the context of Windows Explorer. In addition, the range of PDM integrations was expanded to include a new plug-in for the 3D dashboard that is part of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This means that multiple data sets can be sent in a single operation and that the logging that ensures the traceability of the data exchange processes is performed in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

    The CAD client is intended for customers who want to exchange CAD data easily without using a PDM/PLM integration. It automatically identifies the documents that belong to a CAD assembly and transfers them in a structured form to a send container. Entire directories can also be selected. The CAD client analyzes the assemblies in the directories and automatically divides them up into multiple data sets. A powerful 3D preview function that allows users to zoom in and out, rotate, cutting options, etc. makes it possible for users to perform a visual check on the selected CAD data before it is sent.

    The range of functions that the new web interface offers has once again been significantly expanded in version 9.2. System administrators can now perform all their essential tasks, including ENGDAT administration, in the web. An optimized approval process for send operations in accordance with the four-eye principle is now also available in the new web interface.

    Data protection in OpenDXM GlobalX 9.2 has been improved further by making it possible to activate a “double opt-in” procedure for newly created accounts. This means that the generated user profiles can only be used for data exchange once the users have expressly given their consent. If a user declines to give their consent, their personal data will be deleted in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data security is a top priority for PROSTEP, which is why the new version was the subject of a penetration test performed by an external service provider and received unqualified confirmation of full application security.

    In addition to numerous functional enhancements, there are also new developments relating to the infrastructure. OpenDXM GlobalX has provided support for the database system MS-SQL since version 9.1. As from version 9.2, PROSTEP has added PostgreSQL to its list of supported database systems. The new version is now available.

    About PROSTEP AG

    PROSTEP AG is recognized as a partner to the leading manufacturing companies worldwide. We count the top companies in this industry among our customers. PROSTEP is an independent consulting and solution development company but also supplies ready-made product solutions. Our strength lies in a combination of industry-specific expertise, process know-how and technological competence. We offer our customers competent consultancy services, a comprehensive range of other services, and innovative solutions covering every aspect of product lifecycle management.

    The PROSTEP Group has a current headcount of more than 280 in Germany and the USA. In addition to its headquarters in Darmstadt, PROSTEP also maintains branch offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Munich, Saarbrucken, Stuttgart, and Wolfsburg, as well as in Birmingham, Michigan (USA). For more information, visit

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