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    Redshift 3.0.50 Released, Features Support for Houdini

    FRIEDRICHSDORF, Germany, Jul 20, 2021 – The Redshift development team has been working hard, and the updates have been coming fast and furious since the release of support for OpenColorIO v2 in Version 3.0.46 released in June. OCIO enables users to achieve more accurate and filmic color through the use of ACES and other custom color profiles. This release also included custom EXR metadata for Houdini and Katana, which offers great value for larger production pipelines. Since that release there have been several updates featuring some exciting new improvements.




    Most notably, the release of Redshift 3.0.47 added support for Blender 2.93 and long-anticipated Redshift proxies. The latter allows users to import/export Redshift proxies to and from all Redshift hosts, facilitating the easy transfer of assets and scenes across applications. Versions 3.0.48 and 3.0.49 brought many minor updates, stability improvements, and optimizations to ensure the high reliability on which Redshift artists have come to rely.

    The most recently released Redshift 3.0.50 includes support for the latest Houdini stable build 18.5.633, and contains long-awaited improvements and bug fixes to the blackbody (the light temperature option) and dispersion (the abbe option) shading. The implementations of these tools were updated to work with the new OCIO color space options. Additionally, the use of approximations was completely eliminated to provide much more accurate and physically correct results. Understanding the need for backward compatibility, a global legacy switch has been added so artists can safely upgrade to 3.0.50 and, when needed, switch back to the old mode to maintain same rendered look as before this release.

    Redshift 3.0.50 for macOS, Windows and Linux is immediately available. Ongoing and regular updates are released periodically for stability and optimization. Updates are free for Redshift customers with an active maintenance agreement and can be downloaded from

    Sachin R Nalawade
    Sachin R Nalawade
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