Redshift Website and Forums Migrating to Maxon, Downtime Expected on Aug 29th and 30th


FRIEDRICHSDORF, Germany, Aug 27, 2021 – As previously announced, Redshift will be launching its subscription licensing on Monday August 30th. With this launch comes important changes to the way Redshift licensing will be handled as well as major changes to the Redshift forums. To apply these changes, the Redshift website and forums will have scheduled down time this weekend starting Sunday August 29th at 10pm PST and concluding approximately Monday August 30th at 11am PST. During this period, Maxon will be implementing changes involving the licensing system backend, and the forum overhaul transferring the forum posts and accounts over to the new forums. The good news is the Redshift forums will be receiving a long-requested overhaul in both features, performance, and general user interface accessibility.




Once the changes are complete, all relevant Redshift website content will have been migrated to and the Redshift website will no longer be available. Redshift users will be able to fully manage their account, subscriptions, extend maintenance agreements (if applicable) through their MyMaxon account and access the Redshift forum on Extensive redirects will be put in place to ensure that any existing URLs lead directly to the corresponding destination on

To make this transition as smooth as possible users will need to be aware and prepared for the licensing changes. There will be two types of users undergoing this process.

Current Redshift Perpetual User’s accounts will be migrated to a MyMaxon Account ID. The perpetual license will be migrated to the new Dashboard with license key, along with the options to extend maintenance until August 31st, 2023. Invoice records in PDF format will also be available.

On August 30th, current account holders will receive information on how to log into their new MyMaxon account via email for the first time and will be asked to generate a new password. The Redshift perpetual license will still be managed using the Redshift Licensing Tool and users can own/use both perpetual and subscription licenses at the same time.

Current Redshift Maxon One or Cinema 4D Bundle Users already have MyMaxon accounts and will use their Maxon App to sign in or out of their license.

For users who have both a Redshift account and a MyMaxon account, and both accounts use the same email address, their accounts will be combined automatically into a single MyMaxon account.

For users who have Redshift and MyMaxon accounts with different email addresses, they should immediately change the email address on their Redshift account to match that of their MyMaxon account to ensure licenses are all connected when Maxon makes the transfer. These changes must be made before August 27th 2021.

New Redshift Subscribers after August 30th will be licensed through a MyMaxon account and managed through the Maxon App. This allows users to log in or out of licenses as needed.

Teams Subscriptions

Subscriptions are available for larger workgroups like studios and enterprises (minimum seat counts required). This will be managed through the Teams Account Dashboard. Teams can float licenses via a group of users or manage licenses via RLM for offline environments (*additional fees apply to RLM). Organizations can also integrate Teams accounts with their existing Active Directory / OKTA or other LDAP authentication infrastructure (*additional fees will apply). More information on Maxon’s Teams Licensing Program.

As always hiccups may arise and delay the scheduled launch, but we hope things will run smoothly and be ready for everyone on Monday. Feel free to check out our FAQs or ask any questions!

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