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    Selecting A New CAD System: What You Should Keep In Mind

    Have you got frustrated with your 3D CAD tools? Have you been missing the important product launch dates due to usage issues in the CAD system? Is the cutting-edge CAD system you bought a few years ago performing dull? If yes, now is the right time to switch to a new CAD tool. While switching to a new tool, it is essential to pick the latest and high-performing system that fits your product development needs.

    Read on to know what you should keep in mind before investing in a new CAD tool.

    Check The Features

    Look for CAD software that can help you meet your product development issues. It is one of the most important things you should look for in a CAD system. Many CAD users don’t go out of their way to find the best features in a system due to time constraints. But they should.

    Suppose a user is working in a company that manufactures metal sheet enclosures for some device. CAD software has a set of commands they can use on a daily basis. These features allow them to streamline the workforce and meet production deadlines.

    The Software Should Withstand Your Business Needs

    Check out how efficient each software package is or how efficiently it can create products your company makes. Suppose your company makes furniture parts pay your attention to the features that cater to the needs. Product designers should consider models that can create high-quality surfaces with stylish designs.

    As design change is something that happens often, it is crucial to make the process as hassle-free as possible. You can also consider outsourcing CAD drafting and drawing to ease the tasks.

    An Integrated Infrastructure For Data Management

    A product data management system integrated with CAD software can benefit small teams with a few remote designers. The reason is, the relationships among 3D system files are quite complex. An automated system can easily store and organize the information for project coordination.

    On the flip side, without product data management, the designers will likely overwrite each others’ work. They may need to reinvent the product design that has already been designed. These things can waste a lot of time and money with no rewards.

    Should Reduce Manual, Error-Prone Tasks

    A product design won’t make money until the product is delivered to the market. So, look for CAD software that comes with a variety of applications to reduce tedious tasks. It will also boost other processes, like testing, cost estimating, etc.

    And, efficient testing, machining can make a difference between a successful and unsuccessful product. Look for the features that can decrease the number of tests, like dynamics, kinematics, temperature, etc. It will also help reduce errors and ensure that the machine is wired correctly.

    Should Provide A Continuous Support

    Embracing 3D CAD methods needs a lot of training and experience. So, look for a system that is easy to use and has a consistent user interface. Its design and all manufacturing procedures should flow logically. You can select a reseller who can help you meet the ongoing training demands and offer strong technical support. Look for a CAD system educational institutions are using so that you can hire students who are skilled, ready to work.

    To Sum Up

    These are handfuls of things you should keep in mind before selecting a new CAD tool. Keep in mind all the criteria before you go out to find a CAD system to streamline the product development process in your company. So, get started with finding the right tool keeping these things in mind.

    Guest post submitted by Spanky Smith

    Sachin R Nalawade
    Sachin R Nalawade
    Founder and Editor DailyCADCAM. A highly-driven astute professional and avid marketer; equipped with a solid foundation in Academia; Manufacturing, CAD, CAM, CAE industry and Implementing Marketing Initiatives for Global Brands (All Design Software and Hardware Vendors).

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