Ansys LS-DYNA Supports Fujitsu’s Arm-based Supercomputers PRIMEHPC FX1000 and FX700


PITTSBURGH, PA, USA, Oct 18, 2021 – Ansys (NASDAQ: ANSS) LS-DYNA is the first-ever commercial CAE structural simulation software to support 64-bit Arm architecture based FUJITSU Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX1000 and FX700. Through a new collaboration with Fujitsu, Ansys is not only reducing product costs and hardware limitations for joint customers, but also enabling more sustainable product development.


577Fan blade off analysis of an airplane engine using Ansys LS-DYNA


Demand for high-performance computing (HPC), which can require large amounts of energy consumption, is increasing while companies also work to implement critical sustainability initiatives. Green computing initiatives focus on reducing energy consumption, which helps lessen emissions and lowers cost of ownership for customers. By supporting LS-DYNA on Fujitsu’s hardware platform, Ansys helps customers reduce energy consumption and costs by offloading CAE workloads to a more energy-efficient supercomputer.

“Fujitsu is pleased to make LS-DYNA available on the PRIMEHPC series, which is based on the same architecture with the supercomputer Fugaku,” said Masahide Fujisaki, executive director, Business Strategy Division, Infrastructure System Business Unit, Fujitsu Limited. “We look forward to working together with vendors to optimize commercial applications for the PRIMEHPC series, while simultaneously offering the PRIMEHPC series to manufacturers and other companies so that the results of this work can be widely used in industry.”


fujitsuFUJITSU’s PRIMEHPC FX1000 and FX700  Supercomputers


Moving forward, Ansys will integrate additional software solutions to support the FUJITSU Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX1000 and FX700 and to expand the availability of LS-DYNA to other Arm-based solution providers.

“Ansys LS-DYNA is the first commercially released CAE structural simulation solution available that supports the Arm-based FUJITSU Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX1000 and FX700,” said Shane Emswiler, senior vice president of products at Ansys. “Our work with Fujitsu enables users to overcome hardware limitations and reach production goals more sustainably. Our customers no longer have to choose between the fast, high-fidelity results delivered by HPC or meeting sustainability goals – they can have both.”

The single precision version of Ansys’ solver is available now. Ansys will release a double precision version of the solver in 2022. Early results of the single precision version on PRIMEHPC FX1000 indicate impressive performance over 2X faster when compared to PRIMEHPC FX100.

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