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ZWSOFT Releases ZWSim-EM 2022 3D Full-Wave Electromagnetic Simulator

ZWSOFT Releases ZWSim-EM 2022 3D Full-Wave Electromagnetic Simulator

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec 27, 2021 – ZWSim-EM, the 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulator developed by ZWSOFT, released with plenty of new features, demonstrating its impressively quick iteration as a new-comer in the CAE field.

Debuting in 2018, ZWSim-EM is an important milestone for ZWSOFT’s all-in-one CAx strategy, aiming to satisfy users’ whole-process needs from designing, simulating to manufacturing and constructing. This year, it comes with a significant highlight – the newly added FEM algorithm, as well as more complete pre- and post-processing capabilities.

FEM Algorithm: Satisfies More Types of EM Simulation

Except for optimizing the original EIT algorithm, FEM (Finite Element Method) is added in this version. It is a frequency-domain algorithm based on tetrahedral meshes, which can adapt to the irregular surfaces of 3D objects. Therefore, it is able to simulate high-precision geometries, that are, electrically small and fine structures, like high-frequency array antennas, helical antennas, coaxial connectors, high-speed connectors, etc., broadening the application range and satisfying more EM simulation needs.

Simulation of high-frequency array antennas

Pre-processing: Get Full Ready for Simulation

For pre-processing, series or parallel Lumped Elements (RLC), including resistance (R), capacitor (C) and inductance (L) can be loaded. Field Monitors can be set for EM field and far-field that need the calculation of frequency points or bands before simulation, which can reduce the amount of calculation and thus accelerate simulation.

Figure 2. Load lumped elements
Load lumped elements

Material Library has been updated with more common and dispersion materials. You can also customize materials and import third-party material libraries. Model Library is also available with customizable parametric models, which can be used directly anytime.

Figure 3. Model Library
Model Library

For mesh generation, you can increase the density of critical points, for example, designate them as you need and let lines of meshes pass through to control mesh generation. What’s more, the quality of Yee hexahedral meshes can be checked, so that the mesh quality can be further guaranteed.

Figure 4. Mesh Check
Mesh Check

Post-processing: Friendlier for Viewing, Capturing and Adjusting

Post-processing becomes more user-friendly now. For example, the generated simulation results can be processed again according to the input mathematical expressions. With Feature Tracking, the characteristics of results such as maximum and minimum values, bandwidth, etc. can be quickly captured, enabling you to obtain key data more efficiently.

Figure 5. Capture characteristics of results
Capture characteristics of results

Moreover, in the past, only after the simulation finishes can its results be seen. But now, you can refresh and view the currently calculated results anytime during simulation, which is convenient for you to evaluate the simulation results in real time.

Fast Iteration and Firm Determination in CAE

This year, from V1.1 to V2.0, the R&D team of ZWSim-EM tackled 49 core technologies concerning solving, pre- and post-processing, and brought forth the ZWSim-EM 2022 you see today. ZWSOFT is determined to invest in the CAE field to satisfy users’ needs for multi-disciplinary simulation-driven design, increasing design quality and efficiency while saving costs. If you are interested in this new version, welcome to contact us and have a try!


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