ActCAD 2021 Update 1001528 Released


    REDMOND, WA, USA, May 10, 2021 – ActCAD 2021 version 1001528 released for below products:

    1. ActCAD 2021 BIM
    2. ActCAD 2021 Professional
    3. ActCAD 2021 Standard

    This is a general maintenance release with some new commands and bug fixes. Below is a detailed log of changes:

    1. Added all new APPLOAD command
    2. Added all new ALIGNSPACE command
    3. Added all new TEXTALIGN command
    4. Added new Network License Usage log creation to Excel file
    5. Completely revised NEWDRAWING command
    6. Completely revised ATTEDIT(ATE) comamnd
    7. Completely revised CUI file with several improvements
    8. Fixed the launch issue of NEWDRAWING command when all drawings are closed
    9. Fixed the white background issue of Hole Table command
    10. Fixed the automatic snap grid issue during startup
    11. Improved Licensing Technology to display Trial left days only at the startup
    12. Fixed automatic scaling issue of STEPEXPORT objects
    13. Fixed the issue of Tab and Arrow keys navigation on ENTPROP dialog
    14. Fixed the issue of pipe color
    15. Fixed display issues of curve lines (fittings)
    16. Implemented progress bar for BIMATTACH command
    17. Fixed wrong linetype in output file for Spline
    18. Fixed the issue of deleting last text symbol
    19. Fixed crash issue while deleting Print styles
    20. Fixed MTEXT cursor not scrolling into view
    21. Fixed wrong plot paper units displayed in printable area dialog
    22. Fixed certaing performance issues while loading large drawings
    23. Fixed snap for starting point which can’t be changed
    24. Fixed entity rotation at a given angle using grips
    25. Fixed dynamic block grips updation problem
    26. Fixed editing entities by grips cancelled while switching drawings
    27. Fixed the issue of FROM does not work while moving entities using grips
    28. Fixed the line angle problem when dynamic mode is off
    29. Fixed some issues with selection of text
    30. Added AUTOSAVERETAIN sysvar to control temporary files of autosave to recycle bin
    31. Fixed unknown pc3 printer configuration error in print dialog
    32. Fixed Wblock dialog not storing the history of previous selection
    33. Fixed certain issues with polyline joining
    34. Improved Move Up and Move Down options on Publish dialog
    35. Fixed print to file option selected after the use of DWG to PDF driver
    36. Fixed the joining issue of two 2D splines
    37. Fixed certain issues with opening a drawing from recent list
    38. Fixed layer states restored incorrectly for viewports
    39. Fixed some crash issue during Hatch boundary detection
    40. Fixed hatch area detection which is enclosed by polylines
    41. Fixed center snap issue of closed polylines
    42. Fixed the issue of node snap in xref drawing when PDMODE is not 0
    43. Fixed layer writing issue while plotting PDF files
    44. Fixed certain crash issue while removing a multiview
    45. Fixed drawing with very long text style causes instant crash
    46. Fixed MTEXT first line left indent depends on hanging in the Paragraph dialog
    47. Fixed Image Preview of an image not shown in Image Manager

    The new version is available for download from our downloads page.

    Existing ActCAD 2021 users can use check for updates command to update to this latest version automatically.

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