ActCAD 2022 Update 735 Released


REDMOND, WA, USA, Oct 29, 2021 – ActCAD 2022 version 735 released for below products:

  1. ActCAD 2022 BIM
  2. ActCAD 2022 Professional
  3. ActCAD 2022 Standard

It is a minor release with below improvements:

  1. Improved the speed and performance of ActCAD 2022 PDF Printer
  2. Some improvements to Network Licensing
  3. Updated ODA dwg libraries
  4. Fixed right click selection options in Block Attributes Command
  5. Fixed certain font display issue
  6. Fixed certain crash issue when null pointer returned by external programs
  7. Fixed MULTIPLE command locking issue
  8. Fixed crash issue while doing menu setup
  9. Fixed WBLOCK dialog does not store any history in File name and path combo
  10. Fixed background color change issue while resizing the palette
  11. Fixed running snaps do not work from a Lisp shortcut to Zoom Window
  12. Fixed display issue of thumbnail preview
  13. Fixed certain snap issues of a circle
  14. Fixed entity selection issue of (nentselp) functions
  15. Fixed entity shape while rotating
  16. Fixed lag issues during 3D Solid snapping
  17. Fixed crash issue while handling nested Xrefs
  18. Fixed certain issues with dynamic input
  19. Fixed zoom on mouse wheel at paperspace not centered on mouse pointer
  20. Fixed objects associativity in paperspace when DIMASSOC set to 2
  21. Fixed some crash issue associated with DIMSTYLE sysvar value
  22. Fixed crash issue while trying to align a Block
  23. Fixed certain issues with selection cycling API call
  24. Fixed paste link issue of Paste Special
  25. Fixed certain hanging issue while editing MTEXT
  26. Fixed Xref Manager to show unreferenced xrefs
  27. Fixed display issue of nested Xrefs in explorer and Xref Manager
  28. Added ability to save and load PDF Publish Options
  29. Fixed some issues in IRX API

The new versions are available from here.

About ActCAD

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