CIMdata Adds Data Governance Consulting Practice


    ANN ARBOR, MI, USA, Apr 10, 2020 – CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic management consulting and research firm, announces the addition of a Data Governance consulting practice. This practice will focus on the strategic expansion of PLM to provide actionable insight on where to begin, how to define, implement, and maintain data policies, procedures, and structures. It will also address the supporting organizational roles and responsibilities.

    CIMdata senior consultant, Ms. Janie Gurley, will be responsible for leading the Data Governance practice. Ms. Gurley will also continue to manage the services CIMdata delivers to PLM solution providers, including the coordination of CIMdata’s global Community and associated solution provider strategic management consulting activities.

    Ms. Gurley has over 26 years of professional experience in understanding and supporting strategic business execution with broad-based expertise in product development solutions within manufacturing. She has worked on projects in numerous industries, including aerospace, steel, steam engineering product solutions, engineered flow solutions (pumps, valves, and seals), mechanical and industrial engineering (oil and gas, power, chemical, water, pharmaceuticals, and bio-based consumer goods), in-store and retail bakery ingredients/food production, coffee and brewers, fiberglass yarn, and casino slot games.

    “As digital transformation spreads throughout business, the need for effective Data Governance is gaining importance, benefiting every task and process where reliable data is indispensable. Digital transformation is only one of the drivers of the need for Data Governance. Many other changes are sweeping through today’s successful enterprises, including fundamental shifts in the ways that products are planned, developed, marketed, and serviced,” stated Ms. Gurley. She continued, “Fundamentally, data governance is a discipline that ensures an organization’s data can be trusted and that any problems can be identified before analysis or a decision is made based on bad data.”

    CIMdata’s data governance methodology recognizes that successful planning, selection, and implementation of new business strategies and enabling solutions involves an ongoing and cyclical process comprising eight phases that successfully define and implement a data governance strategy and supporting structures. This methodology applies to every organization—whatever the industry, whatever the specific requirements or applications, and whatever the desired result. Each phase is separate, unique, and of equal importance. For the outcome to be successful, each requires a set of targeted activities and deliverables. CIMdata is ready to provide support during each phase.

    The Data Governance practice will leverage CIMdata’s more than thirty-five years of experience serving industrial companies and software and service providers through strategic management consulting, market research and analysis, and best practices education. For more information, contact CIMdata at or +1 734.668.9922. or visit

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