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    DesignTech Systems Launches Free AR based App to help COVID-19 Patients Set up Oxygen Cylinder at home

    “Oxygen Cylinder Setup Guide” – Free Augmented Reality based App for Android and iOS devices developed by DesignTech Systems

    India, 18 May 2021: DesignTech Systems Pvt. Ltd, today announced the launch of a Free Augmented Reality based App for Covid-19 patients and families to set-up oxygen cylinder at home. This ‘Oxygen cylinder setup guide’ app will specifically help people install and administer oxygen at home for Covid patients.

    At critical times when the families are having to administer the oxygen to Covid-19 patients at home, this app will provide detailed visual step-by-step instructions to installing and administering the oxygen.

    Our technical team at DesignTech developed this unique application for Android as well and IOS devices. All that people have to do is download the app and place the hologram of the virtual cylinder, where the user intends to keep the actual cylinder and the app will provide detailed visual instructions regarding safety in context of the location selected and setting up an oxygen cylinder.

    Mr Atul Marwaha, Executive Vice President, DesignTech Systems, said “We at DesignTech Systems have attempted to create an AR based app to enable first time users to install and safely administer oxygen to patients at home. Augmented Reality also allows validation of safety in context to the location of the cylinder in each individual home.”

    He further added, “In today’s time, when the need and demand for oxygen is on the rise, this app can come handy at the critical time of need. This app leverages Augmented Reality benefits to provide quick and easy, step-by-step instructions for anyone to set-up an oxygen cylinder, connect the flowmeter and understand the basic do’s and don’ts of handling the oxygen cylinder.  This app is our little contribution to help people in times of critical need. The world struggling hugely to deal with the pandemic crisis and creation of this app is our small initiative to make a positive difference and help provide necessary care at home. The app is aimed only as an assisting tool for anyone trying to understand how to setup oxygen support in emergency. It is strongly recommended that oxygen cylinder setup at home and administering oxygen must be done only with proper medical prescription and under expert advice/ supervision.”

    Google Play Store download link –

    Apple App Store download link –

    YouTube Video Link –

    Take Care, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

    About DesignTech Systems Pvt. Ltd.  :

    DesignTech Systems Limited has established itself as a leading mechanical engineering consulting and solutions provider in India. Two core business verticals of the company namely, Product Sales and Engineering Consulting have been growing rapidly since the inception of the company in 1998 and have attained critical mass and scale of operations with over 800 employees currently being employed by the company. Today DesignTech is a clear market leader across the CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM solutions provider space in India and a large player in mechanical engineering consulting space.

    With its head office located in Pune, DesignTech has sales and support offices at 8 other locations in India and overseas offices in USA, Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong. DesignTech has also established customer centric facilities at 5 locations in line with its “Near to customer” strategy. The Engineering consulting arm carries ISO 9001:2015 certification. Today we serve 2000+ customers and the engineering consulting division supports more than 400 customers world-wide from a varied industry spectrum like Automotive, Off-highway, Industrial Machinery & equipment, heavy engineering, special purpose machines (SPMs), Power & Energy and Tool design. Customers rely on DesignTech expert manpower and advanced engineering capabilities to help them reduce time to market and expedite the product design and development cycles

    As a part of leveraging latest technology for industrial adoption, DesignTech has been leveraging Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality to develop innovative applications to help training of industrial worker/technicians in complex and hazardous conditions, that cannot be replicated in class room training, remote assist and trouble shooting for equipment and design experience for ergonomics and functionality validation and has established itself as a leader in this emerging market. For more details on DesignTech AR/VR/MR capabilities, please visit

    For more information about our engineering services and products, please visit our websites: and

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