Lectra Launches Flex Offer for Fashion Manufacturers


    PARIS, France, Feb 26, 2021 – A major industrial intelligence solution provider (software, hardware, data and services) for brands, manufacturers and retailers in the fashion, automotive and furniture markets, Lectra announces the launch of Flex Offer by Lectra, a new offer for fashion manufacturers.

    This SaaS solution for high-volume nesting has been specifically designed and developed to help manufacturers respond to new market changes and challenges. Since fabric accounts for 70% of the total cost of a garment, fabric savings enable them to maintain or even increase their profit margins. Cloud computing power takes customer order processing to a whole new level, with the ability to handle several hundred markers per hour.

    Increasingly demanding consumers

    More than ever, consumers want a wider variety of options, both in-store and online. They are also concerned about the environmental impact of their purchases and highly value sustainability. These demands are inciting brands to renew their collections more often, increasing the number of special edition or capsule collections for example, and impose shorter lead times for complex products with more stringent requirements.

    Manufacturers in search of the perfect solution

    These new demands are changing the game for manufacturers, who are producing smaller quantities of each style, increasing product variety, and seeing an exponential rise in orders. Additionally, there is a growing demand from brands for fast track1 production, which requires a high level of responsiveness. To maintain profit margins, manufacturers must determine how much material they need with pinpoint accuracy. They need a system that enables them to optimize their workflow, cope with peaks in activity and avoid bottlenecks.

    Flex Offer by Lectra: A tailored solution

    Flex Offer by Lectra is an automatic nesting solution hosted in the cloud, which optimizes management of material consumption at every step: from requests for quotations and the ordering of materials to production. The solution determines the amount of fabric needed, preventing both surpluses and shortages, while guaranteeing compliance with customer specifications.

    Its automated, cloud-powered processing power delivers the most significant savings. The solution’s inbuilt algorithms process all nesting requests simultaneously and save time for manufacturers, who are no longer limited by computing capacity.

    Three customized processing tracks

    The offer has functionalities for every step in the process: costing and RFQ’s, procurement, and production (Flex Nest Cost & Bid, Flex Nest Procurement, Flex Nest Production).

    Three processing tracks have been developed for this: standard track, which handles the largest numbers of markers and offers a balance between speed and material efficiency; urgent track, which delivers in a matter of minutes the speed needed by certain manufacturers; and strategic track which guarantees maximum material savings for the most expensive fabrics or for markers involving larger volumes of products in an order.

    The three tracks can be used simultaneously to optimize the volume of markers processed and prioritize based on urgency and desired efficiency.

    Finally, for openness and to address our customers’ interoperability issues, Flex Offer by Lectra converts pattern files from other computer-aided design (CAD) solutions using the Pattern Converter module.

    “We have big ambitions for Flex Offer by Lectra, our new offer designed specifically for fashion manufacturers. It takes account of all their business challenges and delivers expertise and performance by using cloud technology, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. It gives manufacturers in the sector the opportunity to increase their margins while avoiding material wastage,” explains Céline Choussy, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Lectra.

    Fast track1: Category of fashion articles designed to respond to an emerging trend and create novelty in a collection plan, with an accelerated development cycle and made in small runs.

    About Lectra

    For companies that breathe life into our wardrobes, car interiors, furniture and more, Lectra is crafting premium technologies that facilitate the digital transformation of their industry. Lectra’s offer empowers brands, manufacturers and retailers, from design to production, providing them with the market respect and peace of mind they deserve. Founded in 1973, today Lectra has 34 subsidiaries across the globe, serving customers in over 100 countries. With over 1,700 employees, Lectra reported revenues of €236 million in 2020. Lectra is listed on Euronext Paris (LSS). For more information, visit www.lectra.com.

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