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    Maplesoft Introduces Maple-Gym Package in Swedish Higher Secondary School’s Mathematics Curriculum

    WATERLOO, ON, Canada, May 4, 2021 – Maplesoft has announced that the Maple-Gym package for Swedish high school teachers and students has been released to support and improve mathematics teaching. The package consists of the world-famous mathematical software Maple, together with additional tools and content that are designed for Swedish high school courses in mathematics. The Maple-Gym package is just one of many new training initiatives from Maplesoft, which also includes a free mobile app Maple Calculator and Maple Learn, a new online environment specifically designed to teach and learn math and solve math problems.




    Maplesoft is the developer of the powerful mathematics program Maple, which is used by mathematicians, teachers, students, engineers and scientists around the world, and which is used at universities throughout Sweden. The Maple-Gym package is a supplement to Maple that contains a number of specialized routines that are specially adapted to the Swedish curriculum, including support for vectors, equation solution, functions and statistics. The package has been designed by teachers for use by high school teachers and is suitable for use in the classroom and for teaching and distance learning.

    “Students who use Maple-Gym as a tool for mathematics programs in high school gain a deeper understanding of the mathematical concepts and perform better in their mathematics lessons,” says Knud Nissen, mathematics teacher in high school and co-creator of the Gym package with Maplesoft. “This deeper understanding in turn means that students are better prepared for their higher education courses in mathematics, science, engineering and technology. In addition, mathematical software is used regularly in universities, so students who have experience with these tools in high school will feel more comfortable. and secure when they encounter this type of tool later in their studies. ”

    Swedish students can also benefit from other new tools from Maplesoft. Maple Calculator is a mobile app that allows students to graph and solve math problems on their phone, while Maple Learn offers an online environment for teaching, learning and doing math. Both products are available in Swedish and can be used free of charge. The Maple Calculator app can also be used with both Maple and Maple Learn, as it allows students to take a picture of their problem and then move it to Maple or Maple Learn for deeper research.

    For more information about the Maple-Gym package, visit . Information on Maplesoft’s set of mathematics teaching products is available at .

    About Maplesoft

    Maplesoft is the leading provider of high-performance software tools for technology, science and mathematics. Maplesoft Engineering Solutions provides advanced tools and services for system simulation, computational management and systems engineering and helps organizations maximize the power of their technical knowledge so they can complete their projects quickly and successfully. Maplesoft’s product suite includes Maple ™, for technical calculation and calculation management, MapleSim ™, the advanced system-level modeling and simulation tool, and MapleMBSE, which supports a model-based systems engineering method for requirements management. Maplesoft’s products and services are used in machine design, robotics, aerospace, automotive, industrial automation and many other areas where engineers face complex challenges. Important applications are the creation of digital twins, dynamic analysis of mechanisms, modeling of battery systems, modeling of heat transfer and electrification of bus fleets. Customers include Boeing, FLSmidth, Ford, Google, Intel, NASA and Samsung.

    Maplesoft is a subsidiary of Cybernet Systems Group. More information about Maplesoft is available at

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