Nemetschek Merged Precast Business into ALLPLAN


    MUNICH, Germany, Jun 2, 2021 – From June 2021, Precast Software Engineering will operate under the name ALLPLAN Software Engineering and become a subsidiary of ALLPLAN, the global provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry. ALLPLAN sees the merger as a strategic response to the current challenges in the construction industry. By combining the strengths of both companies and establishing an Allplan Precast Competence Centre, ALLPLAN continues to consistently expand its leading position as an expert for platform-based BIM solutions for the construction lifecycle. Both companies now enable a seamless integrated BIM workflow from design to fabrication and construction – in line with the motto “Design to Build” and support industrialized construction.


    precast_allplanPrecast Software Engineering will operate under the name ALLPLAN Software Engineering and become a subsidiary of ALLPLAN.


    In industrialized construction, parts of the structure are assembled from prefabricated components according to the modular principle. This shortens and simplifies design and construction processes. Other advantages include increased work safety on the construction site, as components no longer have to be made directly on site, as well as the promotion of sustainability by avoiding material waste due to efficient industrial prefabrication.

    Dr. Detlef Schneider, CEO of ALLPLAN: “We are very pleased that we now have the Precast competence directly in-house – we see a great future in industrialized construction, with which design and construction processes can be simplified and shortened. The growing demands of our customers for designs that are optimised for construction, so-called buildability, is at the heart of everything we do.”

    Buildability for better project results

    To reliably meet the cost, schedule and quality requirements of a construction project, buildability should be considered from the outset. Engineers, precasters and contractors are therefore increasingly involved in the early stages of design planning. As a central platform solution for the entire project, ALLPLAN offers planning tools for a wide range of tasks – from initial design to detailed design, structural and building services design, quantity takeoff and costing, site set-up and construction – and since the integration of PRECAST into ALLPLAN, also for the design and production of precast elements.

    “Due to the well-established connection between our software solutions, we look forward to a closer collaboration to improve workflows for our clients. Bringing the considerations of manufacturing and assembly earlier in the design process, allows the skills and expertise of engineers, precast designers and contractors to influence the design process, leading to a more optimal design”, says Kevin Lea, Senior Vice President Product Management at ALLPLAN.

    Precast planning, including the design of fixtures and reinforcement, can be done quickly and conveniently with the automated functions in Planbar. Planbar allows reinforcement models and element plans to be generated automatically. The data can be transferred to work preparation software such as Tim|work, which performs a rule-based quality check as well as production, transport and assembly planning. Data is then created for downstream systems such as ERP, MES and BIM project rooms. Communication with the client, for example for approvals, takes place via the IFC model via BCF. The extensive automation ensures precision and at the same time saves valuable time throughout the entire manufacturing process.

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