Solibri, Based Announce Strategic Partnership in the Netherlands


    HELSINKI, Finland, Sep 29, 2021 – Solibri and Based have entered into a strategic partnership where Based will become the direct point of contact for Solibri’s training, implementation, and consulting services to new and current clients in the Netherlands. For many years, Based has been an active user and ambassador of the Solibri software, and in 2020, became the only Solibri Certified Training Provider in the Netherlands. Because of their experience and knowledge Based is the ideal candidate for this partnership.


     The perfect partner for Solibri

    René Worms, Managing Director of Solibri NL: “Based’s team is competent and has extensive experience in transforming organizations and actually applying Digital Building. That, combined with their Solibri skills, makes them the perfect partner with whom we can work closely to continuously improve our products and services now and in the future.”

    Unique working method

    “We see Solibri as one of the most powerful tools for data validation and coordination,” adds Marcel van Bavel, co-owner of Based. “From our role as an independent BIM consultant, we have additionally developed a proven approach and working method based on years of experience. We don’t reason from tools and functionality, but focus mainly on increasing the customer value of our clients. We are proud of our relationship with Solibri and the strategic collaboration that has resulted.”

    Robin Kramer, consultant and trainer at Based, adds: “Our training and consultancy services specializes in implementing a proven working methodology. Basic skills are, of course, addressed, but making our clients consciously competent to work with digital building is central. When one embraces this mindset, the step to applying the latest features such as Autoruns and APIs comes naturally.”

    Free Solibri extension BIM Basis ILS version 2

    To endorse the strategic partnership, Based has developed a free Solibri extension for the BIM Base IDS version 2, which is a low-threshold method for model quality control quality control that incorporates the Based approach. This extension will be launched soon, and this is just the beginning. There are many more great things to come.

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    About Based

    Based is an independent consultancy firm with years of knowledge and experience in BIM, Linked Data, Asset Management, and more. It is driven by technology but acting on the belief that digitization is more than that. That is why Based focuses on the strategic, process, and human side of an organization. We do not focus on tools and functionality, but rather implementation, process, and added value. With (strategic) advice, practical tools, and targeted implementation, based on three pillars – data strategy, innovative information management & digital asset management – Based prepares its clients for the digital future. For more information, visit

    About Solibri

    Solibri is an international leader in BIM Quality Assurance and Quality Control. The company offers out-of-the-box tools for BIM validation, conformance checking, design process coordination, design review, analysis, and code checking. Solibri’s mission is to develop and market quality assurance solutions that improve the quality of BIM-based designs and make the entire design and construction process more productive and cost-effective. Solibri’s customers include major developers, construction companies, architects, and engineering firms in more than 70 countries. Solibri is part of the Nemetschek Group. For more information, visit

    About Nemetschek Group

    The Nemetschek Group is a pioneer in digital transformation in the AEC industry. With its intelligent software solutions, the company covers the entire life cycle of construction and infrastructure projects and guides its customers into the future of digitalization. As one of the leading enterprise groups worldwide, the Nemetschek Group increases quality in the construction process and improves the digital workflow of everyone involved in the construction process. This makes it possible to design, construct, and manage buildings with greater efficiency, sustainability, and environmental friendliness in raw materials. The emphasis is on the use of open standards (Open BIM). The Nemetschek Group portfolio also includes digital solutions for visualization, 3D modeling, and animation. The innovative products of the Nemetschek Group’s 15 brands in the four customer-focused segments are used by around six million users worldwide. The Nemetschek Group was founded in 1963 by Prof. Georg Nemetschek and today employs over 3,000 experts. For more information, visit

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