XS CAD Gets ‘CRISIL MSE 1’ Rating for Fifth Year


    MUMBAI, India, Jul 19, 2021 – XS CAD has been accredited the ‘MSE 1’ rating by CRISIL, an S&P Global Inc.-owned company, for the fifth consecutive year. This is the highest credit worthiness in relation to other MSEs (micro and small enterprises).




    XS CAD scored highest on financial strength (FS) and operating performance (OP). The factors that helped decide our rating were:

    1. Stability of the organisation
    2. Management expertise
    3. Organisational structure
    4. Extent of the marketing network
    5. Health of the business model
    6. Operational efficiency
    7. Profitability
    8. Liquidity position
    9. Credit protection methods
    10. Financial flexibility

    XS CAD’s processes were thoroughly analysed by CRISIL, helping us review, strengthen and improve our performance.

    For more information, visit http://www.xscad.com.