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    ZWIndia to Market SIMCON’s Plastic Injection Molding Simulation Software in Western India

    June 16, 2020: Pune, India:- ZWIndia, an innovative supplier of CAD/CAM solutions and services, today announced it has signed an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with the plastic injection moulding simulation software specialist SIMCON (, for Western India (Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat).

    ZWIndia will handle all regional marketing, sales and technical support for CADMOULD, Simcon’s cutting-edge injection moulding simulation software, and the unique optimisation solution VARIMOS.

    “CADMOULD makes injection moulding part and mold design cheaper, faster and more accurate. Customers use it to anticipate and avoid issues in production, already when they are designing the part and the mold. And so they can cut down on costly correction loops, saving time, stress and money.”, explains Sebastian Sutter, International Business Development Manager at Simcon,“Our customers appreciate CADMOULD’s speed and efficiency, how simple it is to learn and use, and the fact that it is fully compatible with all of the leading CAD formats”.


    ZWIndia is also excited to offer Simcon’s VARIMOS, which is a fully automated artificial intelligence solution that uses CADMOULD as its simulation engine. “Our customers use VARIMOS to get to a better answer, faster. Instead of trying a number of variants yourself to find the best parameters, VARIMOS uses mathematical tools to find the best option. And it’s very flexible and powerful. For example, customers use it to identify ways to shorten cycle times, achieve tighter tolerances, compensate shrinkage and warpage, reduce material usage, and reduce energy consumption.”, explains Dr. Paul Filz, founder and CEO of Simcon. ZWIndia CEO Mr. Anubhab Hazra adds “What really impressed us about VARIMOS is not only how versatile but also how incredibly fast it is. Running a fully-fledged optimisation in other software is complicated to impossible, and it can take weeks – whereas in VARIMOS, it’s usually completed in a matter of hours. This is because ofthe CADMOULD algorithm’s superior efficiency, and due to VARIMOS’s advanced use of parallelisation, during optimisation.”

    Dr. Filzreflects on how Simcon went about finding a partner. “We selected ZWIndia as our partner, not only because of their deep ties to injection moulding practitioners in Western India, but also because of their expertise and their quality-oriented mindset. Simcon, at heart, is driven by a German precision engineering mindset. Our values are to beaccurate, but also pragmatic, and to be a reliable partner for our customers. And we want our partners to live up to those ideals as well, so that our customers get the best value. We are glad that we have found the partner that we were looking for, in ZWIndia.”

    ZWIndia CEO Mr. Anubhab Hazra sees great potential in the collaboration. “India is huge and rapidly growing market for plastics injection moulding. and quality and cost targets are tightening. Many of our customers are exploring broader use of digital tools, to achieve these goals more quickly and efficiently. That is exactly what CADMOULD and VARIMOS do. Having seen other simulation software, we were really impressed by how much faster it was, and how simple it was to learn. And so we think that this is the right product, at the right time, for the Western Indian market.

    About Simcon

    Simcon, based in Germany, is a software company specialising in injection moulding simulation and optimisation solutions, founded in 1988. They operate globally, working with thousands of industry-leading customers, to improve the cost, quality and speed of their plastics injection moulding projects. Their customers span across industries and sizes, ranging from small to midsized suppliers, to many of the world’s most cost- and quality-obsessed OEMs.

    About ZWIndia

    ZWIndia is a Indian CAD/CAM solutions provider. With 15 years’ experience in CAD/CAM industry, Presently the company markets ZW3D, CADBRO and ZWCAD from ZWsoft. Along with its group entity Green Apple solutions (ESP and distributor of Mastercam, Creo, Formlabs 3D Printer) the partner caters to 350 plus engineering customers.

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    Sachin R Nalawade
    Sachin R Nalawade
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