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    ZYYX Labs Launches ZYYX Pro II 3D Printer for Composite Materials

    GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Oct 11, 2021 – Swedish ZYYX Labs AB launches its new ZYYX Pro II FDM 3D printer for composite materials. Through its encapsulated design, carefully selected components with low noise level in combination with self-developed air filters of clean room class, ZYYX Labs has created the world’s probably quietest and most odorless 3D printer for the desktop. It is thus the perfect agile tool for developing functional prototypes in mechanical development projects or producing smaller series of strong components, jigs, or fixtures.


    ZYYX Pro II - FrontZYYX Pro II 3D Printer


    Following the success of the previous printer models ZYYX, ZYYX+, and ZYYX Pro, ZYYX Labs AB is now launching the all-new model ZYYX Pro II. ZYYX Pro II is a Swedish-developed 3D printer for professional use that is specially developed to produce composite parts with extra high strength and finishes of composite materials such as the carbon fiber nylon ProCarbon or the fiberglass nylon ProGlass.

    Tomas Bengtsson, CEO of ZYYX Labs: “Many of our customers have expressed a need to be able to produce prototypes in a simpler way in their office environment without having to build a soundproof printer room with extraction. We have designed key components in ZYYX Pro II for the printer to be as quiet as possible and with our specially filter, the exhaust air is completely odorless and particle-free, making the ZYYX Pro II a perfect desk tool for mechanical design and agile mechanical development. Together with our composite materials, the mechanical designer can quickly and iteratively produce functional prototypes or manufacture directly usable high-strength parts for a production line such as jigs and fixtures at a reasonable price.” Please read more about our concept ”The 24 hour prototype cycle” on the ZYYX website.


    Office use ZYYX Pro II #3


    Tomas Bengtsson continues: “The ZYYX Pro II fills a clear gap in the market – the need to print advanced composite materials in a simple, secure, and cost-effective way. If a ZYYX Pro II users also want to be able to print with simpler materials such as ZYYX PLA, ZYYX ASA, or ZYYX Flex, that’s fine too. The Pro II is a very versatile machine that we are proud to now be able to introduce on the world market!”


    A 3D printer for professional users must be reliable. The ZYYX Pro II is therefore built on the proven workhorse ZYYX Pro. To give repeated results over and over again, it has functions such as automatic adjustment of the build-plate (Auto Leveling), material monitoring, heated chamber, material protection system proTect™ and now also improved mechanics, the MagFlex spring-steel build-plate for easier print removal, double-sided extruder, and network remote control.

    Another improved feature of the ZYYX Pro II is the SwiftTool24 printhead, which as before is made of hardened steel. The SwiftTool24 comes in several sizes and can be replaced in less than a minute, which minimizes downtime. The printer is also prepared for future high-temperature variants of SwiftTool24™ to be able to print in, for example, PEEK and PEKK.


    ZYYX Pro II - Detail MagFlex1


    Important for print quality, especially when printing composite materials, is the operational reliability of the extruder, where ZYYX Pro II uses the all-new double-sided extruder LGX from the world-leading Swedish component supplier Bondtech. This means that composite materials can be printed with nozzle sizes down to 0.4 mm and simpler homogeneous materials with nozzles of 0.2 mm, which gives very fine geometries.

    Equally important for print quality is the quality of the filament material used for the prints. Therefore, the material protection system proTect™ comes with each ZYYX Pro II. This allows the user to easily control and maximize the quality and durability of the moisture-sensitive materials during both use and storage.

    Workplace safe – OfficeSafe Ultra

    Health and safety are of course important aspects in all workplaces and the ZYYX Pro II is just like previous ZYYX models designed to be both quiet and provide clean and odorless exhaust air. Through a new self-developed and improved filtration system of clean-room class (HEPA H13 and activated carbon), which removes 99.95% of ultrafine particles and odors, the user can print safely with all our materials, even on their own desk, without risking exposure for the particles and unpleasant odors that always occur when the filament melts during printing.

    Quietest in the world? – OfficeSafe Whisper

    If you want a 3D printer in your immediate vicinity, it must be quiet. ZYYX Labs has designed its own silent power supply and selected the quietest fans on the market for the ZYYX Pro II to become a completely silent 3D printer. It matters when you have your work tool within arm’s reach.

    Tomas Bengtsson, CEO of ZYYX Labs and creator of the Pro II printer, says further: “ZYYX Pro II is a unique product that gives us the opportunity to take a significant share of the world market in professional 3D printers for desktop use. That it is so quiet and safe so that it can be used in educational environments means that we see great opportunities also in the education market and in other similar segments.”

    About ZYYX Labs AB

    ZYYX Labs AB is a Swedish manufacturer of 3D printers and owner of the brand ZYYX 3D Printer. The company was founded in 2018 under a new owner, but the ZYYX brand originally started in 2013. ZYYX Labs AB started at the business incubator Stena Center within Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, and has since 2020 its premises in Högsbo just south of the city center. For more information, visit

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