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AutoForm Forming R11 Unveiled for Sheet Metal Industry

PFAFFIKON, SZ, Switzerland, Sep 22, 2023 – AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for stamping and BiW assembly processes, has unveiled its latest software version AutoForm Forming R11. This new version enables users to reach the next level of accuracy in sheet metal forming through a new set of powerful enhancements and functionalities. Users can particularly benefit from new measurement scenarios, consideration of temperature effects in cold forming, realistic modeling of processes with multiple parts, over-crowning by using the elastic tool deflection calculation and the creation of high-quality CAD surfaces for manufacturing within the AutoForm Forming suite.

New measurement scenarios: AutoForm Forming R11 brings significant enhancements to springback measurement scenarios. The newly developed features enable users to measure springback just as it is happening in the real manufacturing process. Several measurement scenarios can be evaluated and compared at the same time, allowing the user to see how the part is affected in each scenario. With this resulting greater understanding of the part’s springback behavior, the user can select the most appropriate scenario to compensate springback.

Consideration of temperature effects in cold forming: In practice, process engineers are often faced with unexpected failures in production under apparently identical conditions. Therefore, gaining deeper insights into how the temperature of the part and tool increases as well as how this rise in temperature affects the production process is extremely beneficial. AutoForm Forming R11 with its newly developed smart ramp-up methodology enables the calculation of temperature effects in cold forming. This new capability enables process engineers to better predict part feasibility and ensure process robustness.

Realistic modeling of processes with multiple parts: AutoForm Forming R11 enables the realistic modeling of processes with multiple parts by taking into consideration both part separation and multiple blank cases. The software allows for the efficient engineering of separated parts and enables users to carry out various calculations. In addition, the software can be applied when several parts with individually assigned blanks, known as multiple blanks, have to be manufactured on the same press. It enables users to consider how the parts influence each other in order to make geometry modifications and position the parts within the press as well as determine the appropriate cushion forces to optimize the forming behavior.

Over-crowning by using the elastic tool deflection calculation: Tool deflection is an important issue in the manufacturing of parts as it leads to an increased number of tryout loops, rejects and press downtime in production. To ensure efficient production, deflection has to be compensated. AutoForm Forming R11 enables users to compensate tool deflection, a process known as over-crowning, by using the elastic tool deflection calculation. The results can then be used for the milling data in order to avoid unnecessary tryout loops.

Dr. Markus Thomma, CMO of the AutoForm Group, stated: “We are pleased that with our new software version AutoForm Forming R11, users can reach a new level of accuracy in sheet metal forming. We are looking forward to welcoming our user community at our events dedicated to this release as well as to AutoForm-DieDesignerPlus, our recently unveiled software for the creation of high-quality CAD surfaces for manufacturing within the AutoForm Forming suite. The events will take place all over the world in the coming weeks.”

About AutoForm Engineering GmbH

AutoForm offers software solutions for the die-making and sheet metal forming industries along the entire process chain. With 350 employees dedicated to this field, AutoForm is recognized as the leading provider of software for product manufacturability, tool and material cost calculation, die face design and virtual process optimization. All of the Top 20 automotive OEMs and most of their suppliers have selected AutoForm as their software of choice. Besides its headquarters in Switzerland, AutoForm has offices in Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, China, Japan and Korea. AutoForm is also present through its agents in more than 15 other countries. For more information, visit

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