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JETCAM Orders Controller 4.0 Released

Monaco, May 13, 2024 – JETCAM International s.a.r.l., a leading provider of advanced manufacturing and nesting software, announced the release of JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) 4, a significant update to its popular automation front end to its nesting software, JETCAM Expert.

Enhanced nest data reporting functionality

JOC 4 has a completely rewritten nest batch information export dialog, allowing users to easily extract any information on nests, material, stock and orders, for import into other data systems such as ERP. Users can select multiple nests, choose the data type and fields to export, with a CSV file immediately available.

Wider Expert nesting software support

JOC 4 now also supports JETCAM Expert Lite and Expert 1, widening the range of nesting systems that can take advantage of its ordering and nest viewing capabilities.

Material translation files

Useful for users exporting data from CAD/bending software with different material information, the new material translations functionality allows mapping of external material names to JETCAM material types – this is especially useful for customers cutting the same material with different gasses. This ensures that customers can correctly map material information as parts are imported, and also ensures that the correct material data is displayed in subsequent exported data.

CAD Nest Splitter upgraded

The CAD Splitter, used for splitting DXF nests down into individual DXF files, has been updated to allow a processor to be run after splitting. This can be useful for users wishing to extract additional information from text found within each DXF, such as material, thickness, rotations allowed, etc., which can then be used during the CAD import process as normal.

Hundreds of other changes throughout the software

Many other areas of the software have benefited from incremental updates. JOC now supports soft licensing, with one-click updating of maintenance expiry online. Other changes include additional configuration options for JETCAM’s Ultra Performance Nesting option, enhanced data exchange with other systems during CAD import, an upgraded ‘Copy/Mirror’ function of complete assemblies, improvements in Progressive Nesting, updates on the Orders search function, and new RCP (Remote Control Processing) overrides and functions.

Free trial for existing nesting users

Existing JETCAM Expert nesting customers can take advantage of a free 60-day trial offer, allowing them to test JOC 4’s automation without risk. A dedicated online video tutorial course in the JETCAM University ensures that users can be up and running within a few hours. Existing customers should contact their JETCAM reseller for further information on the 60-day trial. Terms and conditions apply.

Martin Bailey, General Manager of JETCAM International s.a.r.l. said; “JOC 4 is the first of several major product releases this year and continues on our path of automation and integration, and simply making it easier to perform complex operations while ensuring that data flows between systems with minimal manual work by staff.”


JOC 4 is available for immediate download free of charge for all existing customers with a current maintenance contract.

About JETCAM International s.a.r.l.

JETCAM International has been developing and distributing its JETCAM Expert range of CADCAM software since 1986, serving the sheet metal and aerospace/automotive composite cutting industries. In use in 82 countries worldwide, JETCAM software supports virtually every CNC punching, laser, plasma, routing, waterjet and flatbed cutting machine available today, and provides automation and Industry 4.0 IIoT connectivity. The software has received various accolades and awards due to its high level of automation and fast return on investment. For more information, visit

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