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Matsuura Japan Announces Takefu Factory Expansion

FUKUI, Japan, Jan 1, 2024 – Matsuura Machinery Corporation has started expansion work on its Takefu factory, one of our key manufacturing bases. Operations are set to begin at the integrated assembly base in January 2025, on the 90th anniversary of its founding. Construction of the new buildings starts in December 2023 and is expected to be completed by December 2024.

New Takefu factory rendering

Project Goals

1. Build a production system that can respond to medium- to long-term demand increases

Matsuura performs machine assembly and spindle assembly at two locations: the head office factory in Fukui City and the Takefu Factory in Echizen City. We plan to transfer the head office assembly department to the newly constructed Takefu factory building, consolidating our assembly bases into one location. By utilizing the expanded space, machining center production can be increased by 20% (compared to conventional) and shorten lead time. In addition, spindle assembly at both the head office and Takefu factories will be consolidated into the new Takefu Spindle Building which will be constructed at the same time. By creating a layout that pursues the most efficient manufacturing process for production flows such as spindle assembly, test run, and spindle unit assembly, we can increase production volume and build a flexible supply system.

2. Pass on craftsmanship and create a rewarding workplace

Through a combination of the elaborate and detailed care that goes into our machine build quality and prompt maintenance in the field, Matsuura machine tools can last more than 25 years with stable mechanical precision and longevity. In order to pass on craftsmanship and create a rewarding work environment, we will provide more comprehensive and systematic skill training to employees working at the integrated assembly factory, improving production efficiency and quality. The Welfare Building at Takefu Factory will be enriched with employee welfare facilities, including a modern cafeteria and relaxing place for employees to communicate with each other.

3. Improving Infrastructure for conversion to renewable energy and carbon neutrality

Curbing the rise in the world’s average temperature will require us to create a “decarbonized society” that reduces the net CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions into the atmosphere to zero. In order to achieve carbon neutrality at our factories, which is essential for a “decarbonized society,” we will introduce “KAGAYAKI GREEN (*1)” electricity using renewable energy at our Takefu Factory starting from December 2024, achieving a real 100% reduction in CO2 emissions associated with the use of electricity in our annual business activities.

(*1) KAGAYAKI GREEN This is one of the electricity rate menus offered by Hokuriku Electric Power Company. By adding environmental value to electricity that is generated from a mixture of thermal power and renewable energy, etc., it is supplied as ”real renewable energy electricity” with zero CO2 emissions.


Address: 10-1-1 Imajuku-cho, Echizen-city, Fukui.
Construction starts : December 2023
Operation starts : January 2025
Site area : 48,059 m2 (517,302 ft2)
Total floor area : 23,662 m2 (254,695 ft2) (*New factory building and Spindle/welfare building are 8,531 m2 (91,826 ft2)
Production models : 5-axis machining center, Horizontal machining center, Vertical machining center
Monthly production : Approximately 40 units (20% increase compared to conventional)
Number of employees : Approximately 150 people
Investment amount : Approximately 2.8 billion JPY (Approx. 18.7 million USD) *Exchange rate $1:JPY150

About Matsuura Machinery Corporation

Establishment in 1935 and based in Fukui, Japan, Matsuura Machinery Corporation is a premier CNC machine tool manufacturer operating on a global scale.

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