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One Off Robotics, Meltio Introduce Ready-to-Use Additive Manufacturing Workcell

LINARES, Spain and CHATTANOOGA, TN, USA, Feb 9, 2024 – Meltio, a disruptive wire-laser metal
deposition additive manufacturing technology leader, has announced a collaboration with One Off
Robotics, an industry leader in robotic additive manufacturing (AM). The latest collaboration
introduces the One Off Robotics Cell, a turn-key metal additive manufacturing workcell designed for
a faster, more efficient, and reliable part production cycle.

The One Off Robotics Cell is a robotic metal additive system powered by Meltio’s Wire Laser Metal
Deposition (W-LMD) technology. The system produces cost-effective, finely printed metal parts for
applications in industries including automotive, aerospace, mining, oil and gas, and many others.
With an impressive deposition rate of up to 1 kg an hour, this system excels at creating clean parts
that are fully dense and mechanically equivalent or superior to those created from traditional means.
The system seamlessly integrates control of the system, allowing the user to easily adjust settings
and print quickly. Its 8-axis system simplifies complex geometry printing and is configured to work
with the Meltio Space robotic slicer, as well as other robotic additive software.

The new One Off Robotics Cell powered by Meltio, made in the USA uses standard welding wire and
produces parts that are consistent, spatter-free, and clean. The robot and positioner are installed on
a self-supporting platform inside a custom, laser-safe enclosure, which ensures safe operation and
quick installation. The system package includes the robot, W-LMD system, two-axis positioner,

Meltio machine vision laser alignment tool, welding camera, and safety enclosure. Package add-ons
are available for the thermal SWIR camera, multi-material dual wire printing, and hot wire printing for
increased speed. Meltio and One Off Robotics will also provide system training and instructional
materials upon delivery to ensure unparalleled technical support for end users in any industry.

Meltio Engine Product Manager, Alejandro Nieto expresses enthusiasm for this latest innovation:
“Meltio’s main commitment with this new product offering with the One Off Robotics Cell powered by
Meltio, Made in the USA is to offer all types of industries the ability to manage the entire
manufacturing process using our metal 3D printing technology consisting of a Meltio head integrated
into a robotic arm and a safe environment, to just produce parts. This new hardware system allows the
customer to receive a ready-to-use cell for robotic metal 3D printing, removing the integration process
and long assembly lead times.”

“One Off Robotics has spent years designing and building large-format robotic additive manufacturing
work cells. We’re thrilled to expand our offerings to include a turnkey Meltio Robotic additive system.
Our focus is customer success, so we designed this system from the ground up to be quickly installed
and easily operated.” says Nick Johnson, CEO of One Off Robotics

The One Off Robotics Cell is an evolution of Meltio’s standard Engine Robot Integration and is also
certified to operate with KUKA and ABB robotic arms. The new system serves as an advanced, yet
user-friendly system designed to empower industries across the world to incorporate Meltio’s metal
additive manufacturing technology.

About Meltio

Meltio takes metal additive manufacturing to the next level by developing high-performance,
affordable, and easy-to-use metal 3D printing solutions using wire LMD technology. The company’s
mission is to delight customers, partners, and employees by pioneering the development of
affordable metal 3D printing systems that are reliable, safe, and powerful, continually reinforcing
their status as disruptors. Meltio, based in Linares (Spain) develops and fabricates high-quality
disruptive products aimed at industrial high-profile end customers and R&D organizations, such as
universities and research-oriented companies. The current portfolio of metal solutions includes the
Meltio M450 metal 3D printer, the Meltio Engine Integration, a 3D printing module that turns almost
any CNC, robotic arm, or gantry system into a powerful hybrid manufacturing center, and the Meltio
Robot Cell, a turn-key robotic solution as a standardization of the integrations with the most
competitive lead time. Both systems share the same patented LMD-based process capable of
manufacturing parts both with wire and powder simultaneously with the same printhead.

About One Off Robotics

One Off Robotics is a team of highly-skilled engineers, designers, and architects dedicated to
crafting the world’s most advanced robotic fabrication systems. We specialize in turnkey solutions
for additive, subtractive, and hybrid manufacturing processes. Our mission is simple: deliver easy to
use systems that empower human creativity. Not only do we deliver and install industry leading
technology, we tailor the user experience to include system training and process knowledge. To
date, our advanced catalog of systems have been utilized in the aerospace, architecture, education,
construction, energy, biomedical and manufacturing industries. We are constantly pushing the
boundaries of robotic fabrication with a laser-focus on delivering highly automated solutions. Learn
more about the processes and design by visiting

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