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Trace Software Releases archelios Suite 2022 for Photovoltaic Installations Design

ST. ROMAIN, France, Oct 18, 2022 – Trace Software is pleased to announce the release of the newest version of archelios™ Suite, software solution for photovoltaic installations design. Consisting of archelios PRO and archelios CALC, archelios™ Suite enables the management of an entire photovoltaic project from the study to the installation.

archelios PRO : more 3D modeling possibilities

In this new version, archelios PRO offers greater design flexibility with a new online 3D modeling tool and the possibility to import projects from other software: SketchUp, Revit (new), K2 Base or even SMA Sunny Design.

Integrated 3D modelling: design your project in a single interface

The new archelios PRO version features a 3D modelling system integrated into the web interface. This integrated systems offers the advantage of managing 3D projects in a single interface, without any requested expertise in software such as SketchUp or Revit®.

Thanks to this new major feature, archelios™ PRO now natively integrates all the tools required to carry out a photovoltaic project: geolocation, solar cadastre, modeling of nearby masks, layout, inverters sizing, estimation of P50 and P90 yield. archelios™ PRO  is an “easy to handle” solution that enables installers, design offices or sales teams to deliver a complete project that facilitate decision-making, particularly with funding bodies.

Advanced 3D modeling with connection to plugins and gateways

In addition to the integrated 3D modelling system, archelios PRO is also positioned as an open design tool as it possible to  manage advanced projects requiring structural and earthwork calculations or the consideration of environments with complex topography.

  • Plugin SketchUp and Revit (new)

Both plugins enable users to perform “advanced” modeling of a project. With SketchUp, it is possible to carry out detailed modeling of buildings and nearby masks. They can position the inverters and automatically route the cables.  Project design goes faster, while obtaining a rendering as close as possible to the final project. To go further in the study, the project can then be exported to archelios™ CALC for calculation and normative dimensioning.

archelios™ PRO has a new Revit® plugin, a major evolution in the software’s functionalities. It is possible to import photovoltaic panels from archelios™ PRO database to a Revit project, perform the layout and transfer the 3D project to archelios™ PRO. Users can integrate all the information contained in their digital models in this way.

  • Gateways : K2 Base and Sunny Design

Users of K2 Base and Sunny Design (K2 Systems and SMA Solar Technology) can directly import their projects into archelios™ PRO, while keeping the design parameters set in both software, and continue with the project sizing.

Single line diagram

The single line diagram is now part of archelios™ PRO. The user can visualise all elements of the installation: photovoltaic generator, module strings, MPPT, inverters. Export in PDF, DXF (AutoCAD®) and PNG (image) format is possible.

NB: the normative single line diagram with cable sections and electrical protections, can be generated from archelios™ CALC.

Other new features

  • Multiple projects download
  • Management of bifacial photovoltaic panels (with or without 3D modeling)
  • Export to DXF format (AutoCAD®) with geolocation
  • Automatic integration of spaces between tables.

archelios CALC: managing optimizers in PV installations

Integration of optimizers

Optimisers are DC/DC converters that are installed close to the modules and optimise the solar production in case of different performances of modules in the same string (shading, different orientation, …). Managing optimizers is now possible with archelios™ CALC.

Users can export their projects with optimisers from archelios™ PRO and have a specific “Optimiser” view in archelios™ CALC. Depending on the optimizer model and thanks to the available manufacturers’ database, the output characteristics of the chain are modified. archelios™ CALC checks and validates the compatibility between the module, the optimiser and the inverter.

The calculation note includes the values of the optimizers, according to the selected standard . It can then be submitted to inspection bodies.

DWG export for AutoCAD now to feature the optimizer component.

What‘s new in the manufacturers’ catalogue

Searching for manufacturer data has become easier in this version of archelios™ CALC, with a completely redesigned catalogue for better ergonomics. The catalogue interface offers a large database of compatible equipment references, taking into account network parameters and selling countries. It also allows obsolete references to be processed. More powerful and more complete than the previous version, the archelios™ CALC catalogue allows the user to save time when choosing equipment.

About Trace Software International

For more than 30 years, Trace Software has been designing software for the design and operation of electrical and solar installations for building and industry. Trace Software’s solutions cover the needs of electrical and photovoltaic projects, from design to operation and network dimensioning. The company is also present on the digital mock-up market with a complete platform for the design of electrical installations in Open BIM.

Based in Saint-Romain de Colbosc in Seine-Maritime, Trace Software distributes its solutions in Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia via distributors and subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, Morocco, and China. For more information, visit

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