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APWORKS Picks Farsoon’s FS422M-H-4 L-PBF AM System for 3D Metal Parts Production

TAUFKIRCHEN and STUTTGART, Germany, Jan 2, 2024 – After careful and thorough evaluation, APWORKS made the strategic decision to procure a state-of-the-art Laser-Powder-Bed-Fusion (L-PBF) system from Farsoon for additive manufacturing of metal components. The culmination of this decision materialized as the much-anticipated FS422M-H-4 system arrived, marking a momentous occasion akin to the receipt of an impressive holiday gift just before Christmas. This cutting-edge technology promises to propel APWORKS into a new era of advanced manufacturing, enabling the production of intricate metal parts with precision and efficiency. The timely delivery aligns seamlessly with the festive spirit, underscoring the significance of this transaction in shaping the future capabilities of APWORKS in the realm of additive manufacturing.

APWORKS and Farsoon teams in front of the newly delivered Farsoon FS422M-H-4 machine. 

“We are very excited to take this step with FARSOON. We believe that it will enable us to scale our production of high-quality Scalmalloy parts in the most economical way possible. For the last ten years we have focused on developing applications of Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) which add value for our customers. We design and produce products with the highest performance and quality, supporting customers across a wide range of industries. Our goal has always been to expand the scope of Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) applications, which has generally been limited by the economics of the process. The total cost of ownership coupled with the productivity of the AM systems we use is the biggest factor in defining which applications areas we can add value in. We believe that the Farsoon FS422M-H-4 machine offers us a step change in overall cost of ownership and productivity, enabling us to target applications which were previously not economically attractive. Through this cooperation with Farsoon we intend to further scale the scope of our business, empowering more customers to reap the benefits that this technology has to offer.” said Jon Meyer, CEO of APWORKS GmbH.

The collaborative efforts between FARSOON Europe GmbH and APWORKS GmbH extend beyond the immediate transaction, focusing on long-term innovation, increased production capacity, reliable and sustainable series production, and the optimization of Scalmalloy processing for groundbreaking additive manufacturing applications in the aerospace industry.


FARSOON Technologies, founded in 2009 in China, is a system supplier of industrial grade plastic laser sintering and metal laser melting systems. Farsoon has developed a team of world-class experts with competencies in electrical/mechanical engineering, laser, scanning and optics, thermal controls, as well as material development and applications engineering. As a globally diverse company, Farsoon was founded with the clear vision and core commitment to creating open platform systems which will give the industry the freedom to innovate and expand the implementation of additive manufacturing in the global product’s marketplace.

Learning from the market about customer needs, Farsoon has moved to address the need for higher levels of productivity, improved feature details, and enhanced operational efficiency and flexibility. Farsoon’s latest innovations like the Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solutions (CAMS) and the very accurate and ultra-fast Flight® Technology stand for highest production rates and real industrial use of Additive Manufacturing.

Farsoon´s subsidiary FARSOON Europe GmbH (Stuttgart, Germany) provides the whole range of machine portfolio after technical confirmation in China, as well as local service and maintenance activities. For more information, visit

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