With the launch of ABS M30-like material for Fortus, Argyle has added one more feather to its crown. According to the company, the new ABS M30-Like material is compatible with Stratasys® Fortus 360/380/400/450/900mc® 3D printers and has EEPROM chips. You just have to load your canister, install the chip and start printing.

As ABS-M30 has layer bonding, it’s well-known for its strength, toughness, and durability while being resilient. Considering blending utility and economy, ABS-M30 for Fortus is an ideal choice for fit checks, functional prototyping, conceptual modeling, manufacturing tools, and end-use parts. ABS-M30 provides better feature details compared to other materials.

The best part is that the product offered by Argyle is UL94 HB rated, meaning if the product starts burning horizontally, it will stop before reaching 100mm.

Regarding product specifications, the SKU is FVT-B32 and ships within 24 hours of ordering. The material is ABS-B31(M-Type – ABS-M30® REFILL). The volume is canister 92 (cu in) with a filament diameter of 1.75 mm. The cost per CU is $2.82. The product is available in multiple colors like Black, White, Gray, Natural, Dark Gray, Yellow Pantone 129C, Red Pantone 200C, Blue Pantone 285C, and Orange Pantone 144U.

The ABS-M30 Filament for Fortus supports 360mc, 380mc, 400mc, 450mc, and 900mc. Moreover, the ABS P430-like (M-Type) 1.75mm Model is great for huge savings in multiple ways. First, it saves a lot of waste by re-using your OEM material carrier, and secondly, it helps you save money on shipping costs.

About The Company: Argyle Materials

ARGYLE MATERIALS, Inc. is a leading material company focused on rapid prototyping and manufacturing industries distributing for Bolson Materials in North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean with fulfillment centers in Pella, Iowa, Ontario, Canada, and Monterrey, Mexico, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Argyle is on a mission to provide an alternative choice and excellent value to OEM materials for your 3D Printer(s). Argyle Materials provides a direct plug & play refill alternative to OEM materials for your machine. It provides a direct plug & play refill alternative to OEM materials for your device. 

With Argyle’s products, you need no modification or re-calibration of your machine, while EEPROM ensures a seamless process. Argyle is on the way to keeping the earth safe and greener by helping you refill and re-use your OEM 3D printing cassettes & canisters.