ESTECO Releases VOLTA, modeFRONTIER 2022R1


TRIESTE, Italy, Mar 8, 2022 – ESTECO is pleased to announce that, the new VOLTA and modeFRONTIER 2022R1 release is now available. modeFRONTIER redesigns the Clustering tool to facilitate and speed up design categorization. VOLTA adds real time editing to its Business Process Management capabilities with a new feature that enables everyone working simultaneously on a project to create and edit business processes in real time.

Simulation Data Analytics

Enhanced design clustering in modeFRONTIER

Perform cluster analysis in a single intuitive interface that unites the Hierarchical and Partitive clustering tools. You can now train multiple clustering models at the same time, each with a different combination of algorithms, variables, and scaling policies.

Visualize 3D models in your VOLTA Advisor dashboards

Explore 3D models to understand every little detail of a model and share your insights to make collaborative decisions. Zoom in on a model to focus on a specific area, zoom out to see the big picture, pan, and rotate the model to change perspective.

Business Process Management

Collaborate in real time with VOLTA Modeler

Create and edit business processes with others in real time with VOLTA Modeler, our BPMN 2.0 tool, and improve participation and knowledge sharing by working together as a team. Collaborate in real time on complex activity flows like preparing a CAD design,  creating a CFD model, building a Multidisciplinary Design Optimization workflow, running simulations, and improving your productivity.

Design Optimization

New Exploration algorithm module in modeFRONTIER Planner

Use the Exploration algorithm module to minimize the number of simulations required to explore the design space and maximize your knowledge of the model. This new module groups adaptive DOE algorithms – MACK,  Lipschitz Sampling, and Adaptive Space Filler –  suitable for performing an iterative sampling of the design space.


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