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Corroventa Joins MagiCAD Cloud with New BIM Objects for Moisture Control

TURKU, Finland, Feb 1, 2024 – Corroventa is a cutting-edge company that is one of the leaders in the industry of moisture control and dehumidification. We are delighted to welcome Corroventa to MagiCAD Cloud with their brand-new BIM object database for fixed moisture control solutions.

Corroventa’s adsorption dehumidifier with two separate air flows, ES functionality

Corroventa’s comprehensive product portfolio includes high-performance dehumidifiers, turbines, water separators, air movers, air scrubbers, and related accessories. These solutions are utilized in various applications including residential properties, commercial buildings, industrial facilities and processes. Their energy efficient products are designed to optimize durability and reduce the environmental impact and includes smart control options with user-friendly interfaces.

Corroventa has recently launched a segment of dehumidifiers designed for fixed installation in industrial applications, such as warehouses, waterworks, bridges, and industrial processes. Some characteristics for those products are energy efficiency, smart controlling options, low noise level and easy maintenance to minimize the cost of ownership. The products are integrated in Corroventas´ appreciated ES-series. ES stands for Energy Saving and enables the user to minimize the energy consumption and at the same time ensure an optimal dehumidification process in several ways, such as dew point control to prevent condensation or a relative humidity control to prevent corrosion of valuable material and constructions.

Corroventa is following the trend of digitalisation not only with their SuperVision® 2.0 system that can monitor and control all ES machines, but also with smart accessories like their digital Gateway for connecting to building monitoring systems.

Browse Corroventa products in MagiCAD Cloud.

About Corroventa

Corroventa develops, manufactures, sells and rents products of high quality for dealing with water damage, moisture, odours and radon. They are one of the market leaders and specialists in innovation within the industry. Their products are compact, effective, user-friendly and energy efficient. All products are manufactured in Bankeryd, Sweden.

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