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Fastech to Offer Meltio’s Metal 3D Printing Products in US

LINARES, Spain and DANVILLE, CA, USA, Feb 28, 2024 – Meltio, a disruptive laser metal deposition technology manufacturer, announced that Fastech Inc. a Virginia-based manufacturing solutions provider with WAAM (wire arc additive manufacturing), CNC, and reverse engineering capabilities, providing an ‘End-to-End solution to the industry’ – joined Meltio’s manufacturing partner network in the US. This agreement is another step forward in Meltio’s commitment to be a reliable and firm ally of all industries to revolutionize their manufacturing and repair processes of metal parts with materials such as stainless steels, nickel, and titanium, among others. The new alliance strengthens Meltio’s presence in the US.

Fastech is a Virginia-based additive and subtractive manufacturing services company that applies wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), CNC, and reverse engineering techniques, to provide an end-to-end manufacturing solution to a variety of industries. After verifying the vast advantages of Meltio’s unique wire-laser metal 3D printing technology, Fastech incorporated this innovative technology into its portfolio by acquiring a Meltio system.

Alan Pearce, CEO of Fastech explained: “We at Fastech are excited to start this great partnership with Meltio to continue our growth trajectory. This partnership will enhance our capabilities to provide an ‘End-to-End’ solution for our customers. The Meltio Engine Robot Integration will allow us to print metals in an environment using a 6-axis robotic system. This grants us to manufacture very large Titanium components, as well as other reactive alloys within this homogeneous environment, assuring the utmost level of quality every day.”

Mr. Pearce continued: “The ability to undertake a build volume for components up to 6 ft cubed, using wire and laser can be beneficial in the manufacturing thin, more detailed features seamlessly whilst maintaining excellent mechanical properties. Furthermore, our post-processing 5-axis machining services, full component 3D dimensional inspection, as well as offering nondestructive and destructive inspection of test specimens, closes the gap to complete our customers’ DED needs with our ‘End-to-End’ Service.”

The Meltio Engine Robot Integration is the perfect platform for large and complex 3D printing, repair, cladding, and feature addition. It also allows for the creation of highly complex parts with machining tolerances in the same process.

Meltio’s cutting-edge multi-metal 3D printing technology precisely stacks weld beads on top of one another when introduced into a laser-generated melt pool. The process uses commodity welding wire, the cleanest, safest, and lowest-cost metal feedstock on the market. The Meltio Engine integrates impeccably with both robotic as well as CNC equipment, bringing new metal additive manufacturing capabilities to a wide range of industries and applications.

Meltio declared: “Fastech will play a crucial role in Meltio’s manufacturing network by supporting the ever-growing demand for wire-laser metal 3D printed parts from the North American market. This demand comes mainly from a very large pull from defense, heavy machinery, energy, oil and gas, and automotive and aerospace sectors. This is an example of how Meltio partners can develop third-party solutions to meet the industry needs and contribute to the development of our technology and application development alongside end-users.”

About Fastech

Fastech offers 3D metal printing, CNC machining, and reverse engineering services to produce complex parts in both small and large quantities.

About Meltio

Meltio takes metal additive manufacturing to the next level by developing high-performance, affordable, and easy-to-use metal 3D printing solutions using wire-laser metal 3D printing technology. The company’s mission is to delight customers, partners, and employees by pioneering the development of affordable metal 3D printing systems that are reliable, safe, and powerful, continually reinforcing their status as disruptors. For more information, visit

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