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Itorum Acquires the C3D Vision and C3D Converter Licenses to Build 2D and 3D Applications

Itorum has selected the C3D Toolkit, a library for engineering software development that constructs, edits, visualizes, and converts geometric models, to build the Technical Documentation Editor 3D (TDE 3D) solution. The C3D Vision (with web visualization support) and C3D Converter components are designed to create 2D and 3D graphics for interactive e-manuals and e-tutorials.

The C3D Vision visualization module is a tool for creating and embedding 2D and 3D graphics not only in Windows and Linux desktop applications but also on the Technical Documentation Server, a dedicated web server for technical documentation. Users can interact with 3D models in any browser.

 With the C3D Vision and C3D Converter components, 3D TDE now supports new features:
·       Import of 3D models from CAD systems
·       Creating 3D graphics with views, sections, and annotations
·       Auto generation of the list of components included in the scene from the 3D model properties
·       2D images from 3D scenes
·       Integration with IETM (interactive electronic technical manual) tools
·       Auto data conversion for viewing IETMs (including 2D and 3D graphics), in any browser.

The C3D Labs and Itorum have teamed up and created a roadmap for TDE 3D:
·       Flexible 3D visualization settings (colors, textures, lighting)
·       Auto image generation from a template library
·       Optimize 3D polygon representation for simulators.

Dmitriy Bakhmetiev, Head, Software Development Dept., Itorum:
“I would like to emphasize the responsiveness of the C3D Labs tech support team to our requests. It is not only bug fixes, but also the addition of new functionality. We expect the further development of the C3D Toolkit components to be just as fast and smooth, allowing us to build a world-class application for electronic technical manuals. We also appreciate the fact that the visualization capabilities of the desktop application built with C3D Toolkit match those of the viewer developed with C3D Web Vision”.

Maxim Kulagin,Head, Tech Support Dept., C3D Labs:
“Itorum quickly tested the C3D Toolkit components and promptly decided to purchase the license. The TDE 3D product with the C3D modules is evolving in two areas at the same time: visualization and editing in the desktop application and viewing of 3D models in web browsers. In both areas, we receive constant feedback and suggestions for new functionality. This is very beneficial for the further development of our components. Based on the feedback, we have fixed many issues, such as the visualization of annotations or the creation of screenshots.

About Itorum
The company was established in 2009. Its goal is to deploy and operate innovative product lifecycle management solutions, including product development, interactive electronic technical manuals, and e-learning tools. In addition to developing IETMs, the company offers its Technical Documentation Suite (TDS), consisting of TD Viewer, TD Viewer Mobile, TD Viewer AR, and TD Editor 3D. TDS has extensive integration capabilities and operates as a kernel for other tools such as online spare parts marketplaces, distance learning applications, or on-board vehicle systems. Itorum’s customers include leading engineering companies in the aerospace, heavy machinery, automotive and road equipment, defense, and energy industries.

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