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Kubotek3D Releases K‑Compare, K‑Display v3.2

MARLBOROUGH, MA, USA, Jun 8, 2021 – Kubotek3D, a leading supply chain software provider, today announced the 3.2 release of the Kubotek K-Compare and K-Display software products. This release provides updates to CATIA and Siemens CAD file translators, user interface improvements, and several new functions. The new releases are available for customers to download immediately.


K-Compare and K-Display 3.2 Updates from Kubotek


Updated Translators and Entity List

The new releases provide the ability for users to open the latest versions of both CATIA and Siemens NX part, assembly, drawing, and lightweight 3D files.

The user interface has been improved to sort different types of annotation and view entities into separate folders in the file contents list. Saved and captured views in the new list format better match the structure used in the originating CAD software. This is an important first step for users to review the contents of the CAD file and adjust the display for better visualization.

K-Display Duplicate Parts and Features

K-Display View and K-Display Convert products now provide an option which automatically discovers sets of geometrically identical 3D bodies. This capability can save time and potential errors when working with large assemblies which have been saved into a single CAD file.

The basic feature discovery capabilities of these products have also been enhanced in release 3.2 to detect patterns of features such as standard holes, fillets, and chamfers. This information speeds up tasks such as planning machining operations because it allows users to quickly see which areas can be cut with the same tool.

About Kubotek3D

Kubotek3D empowers the supply chain with the right design information by delivering core precision 3D technologies and easy-to-use software products. This strategy allows geometry, no matter where it originated, to be used to speed time to market, reduce costs and improve quality. Kubotek3D is a division of Kubotek USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kubotek Corporation (7709.T Tokyo Stock Exchange). Kubotek Corporation was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. For more information, visit

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